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We create effective email campaigns that connect your customers and increase sales conversions.

Email marketing is the most effective ways to re-engage previous customers and increase sales

Are you struggling to connect with your customers? Are you finding that customers are no longer continuing to buy from you?

If you need help with getting past customers to come back to your Magento site, we can help.

For every $1 spent on Email Marketing = $40 in sales!


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Does email marketing really work?

We hear this a lot from our clients. The wonder whether spam filters will stop their emails getting through. And what about social media? Wouldn't dollars be better spent on those channels?

The truth is, when you combine permission-based email marketing with a great product and online store, it's hard to beat the ROI compared with other marketing efforts.

Email marketing and Magento

Why use Alinga eCommerce email marketing?

Our experienced team understands the psychology behind email marketing and coupled with our certified Magento developers, can build an effective email campaign that will see your disengaged customers flocking back to your online store.

We will work with you to create a strategy that works specifically for you and your customer's needs.


Email Marketing Magento

We Use Behavioural Targeting

Behavioural targeting allows you to send real-time emails to customers depending on a previous activity they performed on your Magento site.

By using this type of targeting, you'll be able to target customers depending on their engagement level and across multiple campaigns.

Here's how you will maximise your ROI:

  • Send emails based on purchases and account creation abandonment
  • Create personalised email campaigns based on buying history
  • Re-engage customers based on their real-time behaviour data
  • Make recovery emails more personal to individual customer behaviour

You can't afford not to have some form of email marketing in place. This is not a trial and error strategy. If you make a type on your Magento store, that's easy to fix. If you make a mistake in an email campaign, that could cost you thousands in lost sales.


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