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Magento audit and report. eCommerce store review

We will audit and review your current Magento site to make sure the right coding has been used, load times are fast and users can navigate your online store with ease.

You've created a product focused Magento store and are enjoying the many benefits associated with utilising the Magento eCommerce platform.

But you've noticed that some of your pages don't load quickly or that when you install a 3rd party plugin, it doesn't quite work how it's supposed to.

Your go-to IT guy isn't always available to help you with requests and issues, so it can be frustrating trying to get your site working how you want it too.

At Alinga eCommerce, we provide a robust Magento Audit and Report service to ensure your site is working the right way.


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Site Review

The first part of the process is a thorough site review. We'll check to make sure that your Magento site has been set up the right way, including checking 3rd party integrations.

Here's what's involved in a site review:

  • Check of the coding used to create your site to ensure core files have not been changed
  • Initial of 3rd party integrations to make sure there are no bugs
  • Version review to ensure the latest updates have been applied
  • Magento secuirty patch review
  • Site performance that will check page load times, product image load times, and overall site speed
  • Customer usability to ensure that customers can find what they need natively
Our team of certified Magento developers will review your site thoroughly to ensure that nothing is missed.


Report and Recommendations

The second part of the process is to review the outcomes of the site audit and provide a detailed report back to you.

We'll identify any areas of immediate concern and provide recommendations on how these can be fixed quickly. We'll also provide suggestions around improving areas of your site and if you haven't applied any version updates, recommendations about how you can do this as well. Our detailed Magento Audit and Report costs $345.00 and Standard report $189 provides you with the knowledge to improve your site and make it a great customer buying experience.


Why use a professional Magento audit and report service?

Magento is a great eCommerce platform that provides a way for businesses to showcase their products in services in a way that reflects their brand across all mediums.


Your Magento store is an important part of your online presence, if this isn't working properly, you could be losing customers at the checkout stage or because they can't find what they're looking for when they need it.

Our Magento Audit and Report service ensures that any issues that are currently occurring have recommendations for quick fixes plus identification of issues that you're not aware of.

Magento is designed to work well. It is not optimised straight out of the box from a performance and usability point of view, so ensuring that your installation is meeting these needs is essential to your long-term success as an eCommerce store.


Book in your Magento Health check. Detailed Audit & Report                               BOOK IN NOW

Learn how you can ensure your Magento store is running at its best. Consult with our team and book your Magento Audit and Report service today.

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