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Even though you have a very attractive web design, you may always require to redesign your magento eCommerce website depending on the recent website trends. But, it is often found that the website experiences various changes after the redesigning. It may increase traffic, conversions, and sales, but may also lead the website towards reducing the traffic. Traffic drop is the most common thing noticed by the web developers.

When looking for some new and unique techniques for enhancing the eCommerce sales, there are certain techniques that are not used most but are fruitful if used wisely. These techniques are helpful in all the conditions, whether a small online shop or a gigantic eCommerce store. It is a general fact that building online traffic is a tedious as well as time consuming task for anybody. There are some things every magento web developer should take care of. Here, in this article, you will find various ways that help you increase your eCommerce sales.

When owning a magento eCommerce store, expanding it at a global level can be highly beneficial to the sales growth of the business. But, it is found that generally, magento 2 developers face problems while internationalizing their magento eCommerce store. So, in order to help those we are here with some tips to keep in mind while internationalizing the Magento eCommerce store. 

Migrating to Magento 2 is something that is becoming necessary for any magento website owners these days. But, if you are person with less technical know how of the Magento platform, there are some things that you may miss while migrating your Magento store to Magento 2.

It is rightly said that magento eCommerce is a very powerful as well as popular platform. The main functionality of the Magento eCommerce platform is its flexibility and scalable versatility.

Magento, being the most popular platform for developing an eCommerce website is such a development platform that is supposed to be updated on a regular basis. Magento 2 is not the latest version, there are various sub versions of the Magento 2 that your store is supposed to be updated with.

At Alinga eCommerce, we believe in maintaining progress and achieving high aims. Hence, for becoming a trustworthy magento extension development store, we have partnered with a renowned magento extension development company, Mirasvit.

Since Magento is an open-source platform, a person with the correct knowledge can create extensions that can expand Magento's fundamental functionality. This implies alongside the instruments discharged by Magento, there are third party extensions available for users to use.

eCommerce industry is constantly expanding, and in order to keep it continuing, Magento has released the newest version of Magento 2 in the last september. Magento 2.2 is the most updated version of the popular eCommerce platform, Magento.
The holiday season is about to arrive! Yey! Christmas is coming. The season can also be said as the shopping peak, this is the time when the eCommerce store owners are supposed to plan some fantastic holiday sales strategies and thereby earn the maximum from the entire season.
Stay Updated! They say. This rule is applicable in every field, whether it is technology or any other. Same thing is applied to the Magento field. Undoubtedly, Magento 1 is a great thing but migrating to Magento 2 has also become a necessity these days.
The reasons behind Magento 2’s wide acceptance and popularity is the flexibility and customization to cover up your marketing range, catalogue-management and Search engine optimization.
Magento is one of the most popular platforms used to develop an eCommerce store, known for it’s featured updates. But, along with being a very popular platform, it is also a great target for hackers.
Yotpo, might have heard a lot about it! Still wondering what it is actually? Alinga eCommerce has partnered with Yotpo with in order to enhance their customer services.
It's official, Amazon is coming to Australia and we are here to help you with the integration of your Magento website with Amazon, one of the largest online stores. Amazon has more than 2M sellers worldwide.
In this article, you will find various ways through which you can optimise your Magento eCommerce store for better search ranking. Read on to find out the finest ways to get best possible SEO results.
Having a fantastic collection on your eCommerce store, but still higher abandoned rates? You need some improvements on your eCommerce store. Wondering which changes are required? Let me explain you the entire concept.
Do you have an online ecommerce store? Are you interested in advancing your business to the corporate level? Looking for someone who will make your ecommerce store better than it is?
Ecommerce websites are the latest trend of the digital market. Moreover, these days, customers find it easier to shop online rather than manually roaming around at all the shops to get the best products.

The Internet and the technologies related to it are advancing at such a fast pace that it has become difficult to keep a track of it. In this fast pacing era, the term E-commerce has been in the market for quite a while. However, the term M-commerce is slowly gaining popularity.

E-Commerce is ‘THE THING’ these days. Almost all major brands are compelled to go for online sale to target the audiences present in the Digital market. Magento ecommerce is a highly used method and its benefits are diverse.
In today's fast pacing world and the modern cyber society that we live in, it has become a necessity more than a facility to expand your business on an online platform.
Ecommerce is not just a website, it is the trending buzzword of this decade. The entire business of an ecommerce vendor is totally depended on the ecommerce website.
As this is an era of technological growth, transactions are becoming cashless. Remember your cashless days when you like many things to buy online.

Originally a Netsuite eCommerce but now a large Magento multisite powered by Netsuite through Celigo connector. Honest to Goodness and Alinga combine to deliver.

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