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Ecommerce websites are the latest trend of the digital market. Moreover, these days, customers find it easier to shop online rather than manually roaming around at all the shops to get the best products.

The Internet and the technologies related to it are advancing at such a fast pace that it has become difficult to keep a track of it. In this fast pacing era, the term E-commerce has been in the market for quite a while. However, the term M-commerce is slowly gaining popularity.

E-Commerce is ‘THE THING’ these days. Almost all major brands are compelled to go for online sale to target the audiences present in the Digital market. Magento ecommerce is a highly used method and its benefits are diverse.
In today's fast pacing world and the modern cyber society that we live in, it has become a necessity more than a facility to expand your business on an online platform.
Ecommerce is not just a website, it is the trending buzzword of this decade. The entire business of an ecommerce vendor is totally depended on the ecommerce website.
As this is an era of technological growth, transactions are becoming cashless. Remember your cashless days when you like many things to buy online.

Originally a Netsuite eCommerce but now a large Magento multisite powered by Netsuite through Celigo connector. Honest to Goodness and Alinga combine to deliver.

Madison is renowned for developing the most advanced protective equipment benefiting some of the finest athletes, clubs and associations across Australia and New Zealand commissioned Alinga eCommerce to develop the new Magento solution.
Undoubtedly, Magento 2 is far better than Magento 1. And since the launch of Magento 2, it is the hottest topic in the Magento Ecommerce world.
In essence an online E-commerce store is no more just a website, it's a growing trend included in digital enterprise transformation with a large scale growth opportunities.
After a long struggle with their previous provider - this merchant approached us asking for help with her Magento store. 

Bulk superfoods company Kalti Australia have launched a new Magento 2 solution for their online business. Setup for the Chinese and bulk wholesale order management the website provides the business with easly online orderding and product management.
So, you’ve done it. You’ve got your fancy new custom-designed Magento eCommerce store up and running, and it looks fantastic. Or maybe you don’t even have a store yet, and you’re wondering whether you can actually make it work for yourself or not. The great news is; you can do it! It will, however, take some serious effort to get things moving. Once you start rolling, though, the snowball effect is very real. Here are a few of the best ways to get things into motion:
Ah yes, the loyalty program. We’ve all seen these types of incentives from stores our entire lives, and chances are, most of us are a member of more than a few of them. Why have these programs been so popular, and what can they do for your Magento eCommerce store?

Are you looking for modern and unique ways to increase traffic and customer engagement on your Magento website? Snapchat has been growing in popularity over the past few years and is being utilised by both individuals and companies.


As a consumer online, you might take the “featured” section of a website for granted these days. It seems like everyone and their mother has one, no matter what sort of site it is or what they are selling. As a Magento eCommerce store owner, though, one has to wonder, “If everyone is doing this, is there some sort of benefit to it? What’s the big deal?”

Magento is one of the world’s leading eCommerce developer platforms, boasting over 26% of the eCommerce market as a whole. The platform has seen consistent growth since its inception, and will likely continue to grow for many years to come. With that said, the open source nature of the platform means that it can be a bit overwhelming for many new shop owners to wrap their heads around all of the intimate details behind developing and managing a Magento eCommerce store.

Whether you know it or not, we’re all persuaded by social proof. It’s the powerful psychological principle that people feel more comfortable and are likely to do what other people do in a given situation. It’s especially true when we trust the other person or people. If a close friend recommends a certain product or service, we are far more likely to buy it or use it ourselves.


Have you ever met someone who seemingly exudes confidence? Someone who seems so sure of what they are talking about, so passionate, that you want to listen to them. You can’t wait to see what’s next in their lives. In the world of Internet marketing, these are the individuals who are working with your dream clients. These are the social influencers who are leading the way in their respective fields. They enjoy success because they’ve built an empire of confidence around their brand, and the best part?
Social proof is one of the most powerful marketing forces available--so what is it, and how do you attain it? Simply put, social proof is the tendency people have to do what other people do. When it comes to buying things, people will look to see what other people are buying, and it influences their decision. Generally, something other people are buying will be more attractive to a potential customer than something no one is buying.

There’s some exciting news for Magento for Merchants training participants! Amasty is now an official partner with Alinga training.

If you’re looking for a new way to grow your Magento ecommerce store, it would be worth your time to investigate LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups provides a platform for you as a business owner to form an online community of people with the same interests.

Marketing is important. Traffic is important. But all the traffic in the world isn’t very useful if it doesn’t convert. One way to get visitors to stick around long enough on your website to make a purchase is to enhance it with web design.

Once you’ve integrated your Magento ecommerce store with Google Analytics, you will have a treasure trove of data at your fingertips, and all for free. With so much sophisticated data available, it can get confusing. Which data should you focus on and what do you do with it? This article will give you some pointers on which data points are useful to track for your Magento online store.
Twitter can bring both attention to your business and new clients. But how can 140 characters sent out into cyberspace actually be worth your time, you wonder?  Here are ways to use Twitter to attract clients to your Brisbane ecommerce website.

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