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The e-commerce industry is the brightest star in the era of the Internet revolution. Many notable tabloids stated that retail e-commerce sales amounted to 342.96 billion US dollars and are projected to surpass 600 billion US dollars in 2019. According to eCommerce Websites Brisbane, Retail e-commerce in the US is projected to generate a hundred billion US dollars in revenue by 2019. The figures clearly explain the power of e-commerce industry.
The world of E-commerce is driving crazily with all the technological innovations and in order to make online websites a better place to shop and browse, the Magento web developers have come with various plugins to be integrated that help in making easy the development as well as the browsing experience. Different plugins have different usage like payment gateways which are integrated to ease the check out process.

More than 50% of the marketers believe that creating content is a challenging task. Thus, the creation of a whole new content with extensive research becomes time-consuming and happens to distract the person from other essential elements of the website. Not that content creation is not important but at times certain aspects of the content creation can be slipped under for repurposing. Magento Web developers are not only meant to create a healthy website but also meant for guiding through the process of content creation.

Today, technology is all we see spreading over the market which has driven the e-commerce stores to potential growth scale. The availability of online stores over different platforms has made them adaptable in the society very easily. The marketing strategies help Magento web developers in grabbing the visitors for your website. But is traffic enough to call yourself a successful e-commerce business? Practically, no your store needs potential sales to keep its image in the market.

The success of any business organization whether performing online or offline needs marketing strategy to bring the target audience towards its business. Today, looking at the pace with which technology is moving ahead, the E-commerce Websites in Brisbane have seen a growth in their business ever since visual contents have become part of it. Whether in the form of animation, videos or images which brings us to the most popular and second largest search engine i.e Youtube.


Today, almost every store has marked its presence online with the help of Brisbane Magento developers. The services of the website developers around the globe have made setting up an online store quite simpler than it used to be. What comes as a challenge is to keep attracting the customers to your website, and more than just attaining traffic the importance lies behind the conversion rate.



The E-commerce industry has seen impeccable growth in a very short span of time. This change has been brought because the sites have gained the consumer trust by serving them with loyalty. But are you sure that your Magento E-commerce store has adapted the right strategy to maintain a brand name in the market?

Building and launching a website might be a fun and easy task, but the real challenge comes with attracting visitors to your website. The amount of traffic defines how many visitors will take action on the site, this action could be signing up a form, taking a quiz or conducting a purchase if it is an ecommerce store. But how can you attract the visitors to your web page? What will be the basic step that can hold your ranking?

With enhanced web solutions and expert minds of the developers, the creation of websites has become simpler than ever. The internet craze has motivated many new business entries as well as existing retail stores to build their existence on an ecommerce site.

Gold Coast Web Design delivers high-quality design to your online store. Nowadays there are number of tools available that will assist you to track the various sales data. Google Analytics is one of the vital and efficient tools available for delivering a solution for improving the performance of the online store. It comes with the solution that will have the number of ways to increase the sales and finding out the problem which is preventing the performance of the online store. Below are the six tips that will assist to get the most out of the Google Analytics tool:


The ecommerce owners tend to adopt different marketing strategies to keep the growth of the company moving. These strategies are helpful not only for the ecommerce websites in Brisbane but also to the common retail stores physically present in the market. One key strategy to get into the minds of people is to adopt a psychological approach.

We all know that the e-commerce sector is more demanding in the market. In this era of e-commerce, the sector has most amount of revenue generated i.e. around 27% by means of the email marketing. Out of these, some of the email marketing campaigns are successful and some are unsuccessful. The biggest difference between both the successful and unsuccessful campaign comes by using data to drive your automation.

The huge number of traffic on the website is one thing every blogger and ecommerce owner would love to hear. But not always this huge amount of traffic helps you yield enough revenue, visitors converted into sales, is a more productive result. Any website whether it is created from Magento web design or any other platform will need to follow some optimization techniques that will not only enhance the traffic website but has the potential to convert the visitors to actual buyers.


The Adobe’s deal of Magento Acquisition for 1.68 billion dollars is the current buzz all over the world. The scenario of the Magento Web Design might totally change and the development of the e-commerce store might see some major changes from Adobe. The Magento platform has served many business owners in developing their best online store. Magento is more than just an e-commerce solution for the people. The Magento Web Developers have always tried their best to build the great stores for their clients so that more and more potential users are attracted to the online store.


In the world of marketing and technology where everything is available on multiple platforms, a multi-channel strategy is what everyone should start to follow. Even the physical stores should start to promote their market online. With the help of Magento web design, one can target online marketing and promote the brand globally.


Whenever we think about technology the major change introduced in our lives anyone could think of is E-commerce. Online stores are spread all over the place, more and more people are entering the industry because of its increasing craze.


“Google trusted store” is a certification given to a business website that certifies the shopping experience of your customers. Upon certification, a Google badge will be displayed on your website. This feature gives the customers a surety about the business of the company allowing them to see trusted reviews of other customers.


User Experience(UX) is a methodology defining customer’s perception of a particular product or service. The outcomes of User experience vary from each individual depending on their expectations. It is based on how consumers interact with the product or service, which will eventually define their level of satisfaction for them.


In case you're searching for an eCommerce business platform that is easy to use, has a smooth, delightful design, and has an online marketplace where your items have an extra chance of finding their customers, Magento web design may be the ideal decision for you.

Recent survey discharged show that the normal shopping cart deserting rate is 68.07%. That is about 75% of customers heaping up their cart in your store and afterward altering their opinion at last. This must stop!


Well appreciated, if you own an Magento ecommerce business and also acquiring some sales. But, if you are in your own thoughts in squeezing every piece of profit from your eCommerce store without acknowledging the correct strategies to optimize your store for attracting customers to your store, then you are absolutely wrong.

Most of the entrepreneurs out there are excited about beginning the new business. The concept of bringing an idea into a full-fledged business is something everyone loves to begin with. At times, this can be a great thing of excitement for the entrepreneurs. But, this attention comes with the loss of sight of the future for the entrepreneurs. Hence, the time arrives when you may need to have an exit strategy for your business and move into something else.



Even though you have a very attractive web design, you may always require to redesign your magento eCommerce website depending on the recent website trends. But, it is often found that the website experiences various changes after the redesigning. It may increase traffic, conversions, and sales, but may also lead the website towards reducing the traffic. Traffic drop is the most common thing noticed by the web developers.

When looking for some new and unique techniques for enhancing the eCommerce sales, there are certain techniques that are not used most but are fruitful if used wisely. These techniques are helpful in all the conditions, whether a small online shop or a gigantic eCommerce store. It is a general fact that building online traffic is a tedious as well as time consuming task for anybody. There are some things every magento web developer should take care of. Here, in this article, you will find various ways that help you increase your eCommerce sales.

When owning a magento eCommerce store, expanding it at a global level can be highly beneficial to the sales growth of the business. But, it is found that generally, magento 2 developers face problems while internationalizing their magento eCommerce store. So, in order to help those we are here with some tips to keep in mind while internationalizing the Magento eCommerce store. 

Migrating to Magento 2 is something that is becoming necessary for any magento website owners these days. But, if you are person with less technical know how of the Magento platform, there are some things that you may miss while migrating your Magento store to Magento 2.

It is rightly said that magento eCommerce is a very powerful as well as popular platform. The main functionality of the Magento eCommerce platform is its flexibility and scalable versatility.

Magento, being the most popular platform for developing an eCommerce website is such a development platform that is supposed to be updated on a regular basis. Magento 2 is not the latest version, there are various sub versions of the Magento 2 that your store is supposed to be updated with.

At Alinga eCommerce, we believe in maintaining progress and achieving high aims. Hence, for becoming a trustworthy magento extension development store, we have partnered with a renowned magento extension development company, Mirasvit.

Since Magento is an open-source platform, a person with the correct knowledge can create extensions that can expand Magento's fundamental functionality. This implies alongside the instruments discharged by Magento, there are third party extensions available for users to use.

eCommerce industry is constantly expanding, and in order to keep it continuing, Magento has released the newest version of Magento 2 in the last september. Magento 2.2 is the most updated version of the popular eCommerce platform, Magento.
The holiday season is about to arrive! Yey! Christmas is coming. The season can also be said as the shopping peak, this is the time when the eCommerce store owners are supposed to plan some fantastic holiday sales strategies and thereby earn the maximum from the entire season.
Stay Updated! They say. This rule is applicable in every field, whether it is technology or any other. Same thing is applied to the Magento field. Undoubtedly, Magento 1 is a great thing but migrating to Magento 2 has also become a necessity these days.
The reasons behind Magento 2’s wide acceptance and popularity is the flexibility and customization to cover up your marketing range, catalogue-management and Search engine optimization.
Magento is one of the most popular platforms used to develop an eCommerce store, known for it’s featured updates. But, along with being a very popular platform, it is also a great target for hackers.
Yotpo, might have heard a lot about it! Still wondering what it is actually? Alinga eCommerce has partnered with Yotpo with in order to enhance their customer services.
It's official, Amazon is coming to Australia and we are here to help you with the integration of your Magento website with Amazon, one of the largest online stores. Amazon has more than 2M sellers worldwide.
In this article, you will find various ways through which you can optimise your Magento eCommerce store for better search ranking. Read on to find out the finest ways to get best possible SEO results.
Having a fantastic collection on your eCommerce store, but still higher abandoned rates? You need some improvements on your eCommerce store. Wondering which changes are required? Let me explain you the entire concept.
Do you have an online ecommerce store? Are you interested in advancing your business to the corporate level? Looking for someone who will make your ecommerce store better than it is?
Ecommerce websites are the latest trend of the digital market. Moreover, these days, customers find it easier to shop online rather than manually roaming around at all the shops to get the best products.

The Internet and the technologies related to it are advancing at such a fast pace that it has become difficult to keep a track of it. In this fast pacing era, the term E-commerce has been in the market for quite a while. However, the term M-commerce is slowly gaining popularity.

E-Commerce is ‘THE THING’ these days. Almost all major brands are compelled to go for online sale to target the audiences present in the Digital market. Magento ecommerce is a highly used method and its benefits are diverse.
In today's fast pacing world and the modern cyber society that we live in, it has become a necessity more than a facility to expand your business on an online platform.
Ecommerce is not just a website, it is the trending buzzword of this decade. The entire business of an ecommerce vendor is totally depended on the ecommerce website.
As this is an era of technological growth, transactions are becoming cashless. Remember your cashless days when you like many things to buy online.

Originally a Netsuite eCommerce but now a large Magento multisite powered by Netsuite through Celigo connector. Honest to Goodness and Alinga combine to deliver.

Madison is renowned for developing the most advanced protective equipment benefiting some of the finest athletes, clubs and associations across Australia and New Zealand commissioned Alinga eCommerce to develop the new Magento solution.
Undoubtedly, Magento 2 is far better than Magento 1. And since the launch of Magento 2, it is the hottest topic in the Magento Ecommerce world.
In essence an online E-commerce store is no more just a website, it's a growing trend included in digital enterprise transformation with a large scale growth opportunities.
After a long struggle with their previous provider - this merchant approached us asking for help with her Magento store. 

Bulk superfoods company Kalti Australia have launched a new Magento 2 solution for their online business. Setup for the Chinese and bulk wholesale order management the website provides the business with easly online orderding and product management.
So, you’ve done it. You’ve got your fancy new custom-designed Magento eCommerce store up and running, and it looks fantastic. Or maybe you don’t even have a store yet, and you’re wondering whether you can actually make it work for yourself or not. The great news is; you can do it! It will, however, take some serious effort to get things moving. Once you start rolling, though, the snowball effect is very real. Here are a few of the best ways to get things into motion:
Ah yes, the loyalty program. We’ve all seen these types of incentives from stores our entire lives, and chances are, most of us are a member of more than a few of them. Why have these programs been so popular, and what can they do for your Magento eCommerce store?

Are you looking for modern and unique ways to increase traffic and customer engagement on your Magento website? Snapchat has been growing in popularity over the past few years and is being utilised by both individuals and companies.


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