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Leverage the authority of multinational marketplace eBay and generate increase sales and channel access.

We will create an eCommerce store that you can expand into multiple online selling channels such as eBay.

If you're looking to expand your online business, an eBay store is a smart move. With eBay being one of the most recognised online retailers, it offers more than online shopping to the savvy business owner.

When eBay bought Magento, not only did they make a smart investment, but they provided an opportunity to easily integrate Magneto and eBay stores.

If you're not familiar with eBay, you can use it to display single and multiple products or, if you're looking to grow an online store, you can display your own products on a branded, custom designed eBay store.

Seamless Solution

With the new ownership deal came a stable integration solution between eBay and Magento.

The connection is seamless and enables products to be easily fed to your eBay store from Magento, which then returns orders from eBay back to Magento.

At Alinga eCommerce, we have certified Magento Developers and experience working with Magento and eBay integrations, this means that we can help you take advantage of the opportunities available through an eBay store.

Magento to ebay

What We Do

Not only are we experts in Magento and eBay customer store designs, but we can help you with eBay marketing, customer management, integration of Magento plugins, plus much more.

We'll help create a store that provides great options than a standard eBay store would offer, such as:

  • Dynamic specials
  • Displaying related items
  • Customised themes
  • Menu systems that make sense
  • Manage stock
  • Schedule and launch new listings
  • Find eBay orders
  • Automate shipping labels

Alinga eCommerce will work with you and your team to design a store that meets your requirements and the expectations of your customers.

Magento is designed to be fully SEO compatible and this means that you will get maximum impact from well written product descriptions, which integrate well with eBay. You can capitalise on the authority that eBay commands, while also retaining your brand identity and managing your customers.

Learn how you can integrate Magento with eBay today by requesting a free quote today.

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