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A good looking eCommerce website is great, but the top priority of any sales orientated website is to display the product well, convince the customer that now is the right time to buy and then handle the purchase efficiently. If any of these stages of the sales process do not work properly, then the customer will leave your site and your sales opportunity is lost forever.

The reason that Magento is the best eCommerce solution for your business, is its wide compatibility and robust but customisable website management system.

This makes every part of the website easy to update without risking the overall functionality of the website. It also means that automated systems can be implemented that allow you to integrate your products information, inventory status, payment processing and warehouse despatch process, creating a slick and efficient system that saves time and money.

With a hosted eCommerce product like Magento, your website is located on its own, directly connected web server. This means that your website is available day and night and has redundant power and data connections capabilities, so that your business is never off line.

The scalability of the Magento platform allows you to easily handle increases in the amount of products you sell and the amount of transactions being processed, so as your business grows, your site will grow with you.

Selling and processing payments is at the heart of eCommerce and because it’s done entirely online, having a fully compliant platform, which does not impede SEO, is important.

The Magento eCommerce platform not only ensures SEO is easily processed by the search engines scanning your website, but it has its own optimisations settings that automatically enhance your site, making your keyword campaigns as effective as possible.

Payments are vital to your business. Magento eCommerce website allows you to apply the best solution that fits your business model. This gives you more choice on what payment options to use, allowing you to keep your costs down, while offering your customers the best payment option.

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