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No matter what you might think, speed matters when it comes to your Magento store. If you have an eCommerce store that is slow to load when a customer clicks on a product for more information, you'll quickly find your sales begin to slow.

Customers will spend more time and more money on a site that loads quickly. Can you afford not to properly optimise your Magento site.

Not only does this affect your customer retention and sales, but Google knows how important speed is to customers, and it rewards sites that load faster, leading to better search engine rankings.

Magento is one of the best eCommerce platforms available - if configure the right way. Straight out of the box, Magento is not configured to run at optimal speeds, so you need to make sure that your site is performing at its best.

What affects site speed?

There are a number of contributing factors that can affect the speed of a site.

When it comes to your Magento store, the types of things that can slow your site down (and you should monitor closely) include:

  • The type of server your site is located on
  • The type of caching you have in place
  • How images have been added to your site
  • How many products you have on your site

Let's look at this in detail a bit more, so that you fully understand just how important these aspects are to your sites overall performance.

Server Type

The type of server you host your site on really matters. If you have a cheap $9 per month hosting plan, it will never compared to a dedicated server with a hosting company that knows how important your Magento site is. We ensure that your site is properly hosted so that it can perform at its best.


Caching refers to the temporary memory of your Magento site. How this is handled will affect how quickly your site loads. Do you have the right caching installed for your Magento site? This affects how your site is displayed to visitors and the load time on the server.


If you use a lot of images, then you need to ensure that you follow best practices, meaning that you should ensure that images are optimised for the Web and not just uploaded straight from a digital camera. This can decrease load times immensely, so is worth ensuring this is being implemented.


If you have a lot of products on your site, you'll need to do special indexing and caching to ensure that your site performs at its best.

Magento is not always properly optimised straight out of the box, which is why you should always work with Magento specialists to ensure your site loads quickly. At Alinga eCommerce, we have experienced and certified Magento developers who can implement strategies to ensure your site loads quickly and effectively, every, single time.

Learn how you can implement optimal performance capabilities to your Magento store today by requesting a free quote from us.

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