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Making Magento eCommerce Mobile Friendly

We will create an eCommerce website that will attract customers through mobile-friendly responsive theme and design.


Many customers say that if a site doesn't have a mobile version, they'll simply leave the site and find one that does? Does your Magento store offer a mobile-friendly interface for those users who prefer to shop from their smartphone or tablet? If not, you could be missing out on engaging with a key portion of your target audience.

Magento Mobile Friendly


Consider a Responsive Framework like Foundation 5 or Bootstrap

A responsive framework is a great option to choose for your eCommerce site if you're planning to build a new one or upgrade your existing Magento site. It provides you with the ability to have your site optimised for mobile access.

Another reason that a responsive framework is a good option is that it is part of best practices for the industry and is supported by Google, who recommends that webmasters ensure that any website they create utilises a responsive design that can be viewed well across all devices.  

Responsive designs provide the same HTML across all devices. This means that no matter how your customer accesses your Magento site, they'll see something very similar on all devices.

Why Responsive Web Design?

Be using a responsive theme on your Magento store, you'll get access to more flexibility, more than what you currently get with a mobile or desktop specific version.

By implementing a responsive web design, you create a more accessible way for users to access your site via intermediate sized devices like iPads and tablets.

15% of your sites traffic comes from these mobile users, with this set to increase over the coming decade. You really can't afford to not have your site optimised for these users. If you don't, your competitors will.

With the help of our certified Magento developers, we can help you build an eCommerce store that utilises a responsive theme and design that is unique to your brand but also meets industry best practices.  

Approx. 61% of customers say that if a site is not optimised for mobile, they will just leave.

Mobile friendly

I already have a Magento store, what can I do?

So you've already realised how awesome the Magento platform is - congratulations. You're halfway there. You might not be ready to completely change your theme or design just yet, so how can you implement a site that is mobile friendly?

You can provide support for mobile browsing through the use of a Magento mobile theme. It is the fastest and simplest solution to bring your site up to speed. And don't worry, the Magento mobile themes can be adapted to match your main stores colours and theme in a matter of weeks.

If you're in need of a customised mobile them instead, our certified Magento developers can help implement this for you. You would need this service if you are looking to add other features to complement your mobile theme. You'll also enjoy a custom mobile theme more if your store has a lot of different functions.

What about a mobile application?

The great thing about utilising the Magento platform is it's ability to be customised. With this in mind, it's no surprise that using the Magneto Mobile service will allow you to build a native iOS or Android application for you store as well.

We can help you build and deploy this if it's something you're looking to create in the immediate future.

If you need to add mobile friendly functionality to your Magento store, then it's time to move into the 21st century and implement a responsive or mobile theme. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to step up and make the investment now. Our certified developers work with to bring your vision to fruition and ensure that the end result reflects your expectations.

Learn how you can make your Magento site mobile friendly today. Request a free quote to find out more.

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