Top Payment Gateway You Should Choose For Your eCommerce Website

Top Payment Gateway You Should Choose For Your eCommerce Website

Online shopping concept is more convenient for the customers and hence is preferred maximum these days. The e-commerce stores these days provides best in class services along with a huge variety of collection to select from. Also, the e-commerce stores offer customised services and product options for better customer satisfaction.


As most of the people are nowadays moving towards online shopping, it is the most important duty of the e-commerce store owners to make sure that the payment transactions are done safely and without any loss of information of the customer. In an e-commerce store, payment gateways play an important role in saving a person’s information.


The e-commerce store owner should make the selection of payment gateway very precisely and make sure that the selected one is secure. Payments from the customers should be made very securely into the merchant’s account without any loss of information in between. The e-commerce store owner must have an account in a secure payment gateway for online transactions. Payment gateways send the all details of the customer to a payment processor, which checks for authentication and checks whether sufficient balance is present in the customer’s account. Payment processor then encrypts the data and completes the money transaction.


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There are many payment gateways that you can use for youreCommerce websiteRead on to find them out.




Paypal is an online payment service through which money transfer from issuing authority’s bank account to acquiring authority’s bank account becomes very easy and safe. Customers have to make their account on Paypal and link their credit card or debit card with the Paypal account and they can then easily transfer money from it to others account. During online shopping, customers just need to login to their Paypal account and then all their card details will get synced with the shopping site in a secure manner.


Fat Zebra


Fat Zebra is the payment gateway prevailing in Australia. Australian merchants widely use Fat Zebra. Fat Zebra issues only credit cards, there is no scope for debit cards under it. Very much secured, very much reliable, Fat Zebra is safe to use.




AfterPay is a platform almost similar to lay-by payment system. It lets you purchase up to $1000AUD which would settle up your order in 4 installments over 8 weeks. Installments would be interest free. Certain conditions are there to be followed for using AfterPay, which is one must be over 18 years old and should be a citizen of Australia and must have a valid Visa or Mastercard issued in Australia.




Stripe is a new online payment gateway similar to PayPal. The functions are similar to PayPal. The advantage of using Stripe over PayPal is that there are no monthly payments, you only need to pay for the transactions. All payment procedure of the customer is handled in a simple manner, directly transferring the funds from customer’s account to merchant’s account very fast.


Mony Payment


Mony Payment is another kind of Internet Payment Gateway branded by Touchcorp company. Advantage of using this credit card facilitator is that it settles the funds the same day of the transaction, providing a fast process. Tokenisation is an another advantage, it helps it to get the details of the customers previously encountered, right from its database, so it helps in fast checkout.


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