List of Top Magento Search Extensions That Works Best

List of Top Magento Search Extensions That Works Best

Undoubtedly, your website is perfectly user-friendly, but the customer will still look for easier ways to search for the products they are looking for. Filters and the navigations are good but getting a quick suggestion on search is the best thing a customer can get. So here is the thing that lacks in your eCommerce store.


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A Magento search extension, extensions are the things that make the eCommerce shopping easy for the vendor as well as the customer. There are various Magento search extensions that would help your customers in various ways. Here, in this article, I’ll explain various Magento search extensions that would help your customer in searching the exact thing they are looking for. Move on reading to find out the top Magento eCommerce search extensions.


InstantSearch+ is one of the leading and fastly growing eCommerce extension. It is the latest eCommerce site search extension that is specially designed for fast time to market and self-service. Once this extension is added to your eCommerce site, it does not require any kind of development, integration or maintenance. This Magento extension would automatically detect the customers’ requirement and filters out the product with merchandising priorities for better conversions. The hosting services of the extension include features like rich auto-complete, semantic search, individualised results, smart navigation, auto-generated filters and big data product recommendations.


This extension plays a major role in enhancing the customer experience of your website and thus affects the conversion rates of your eCommerce store. Having this extension can make the process of finding the desired product fastest. There are customers who prefer the navigation tree, but also there are those who directly opt for the search button. Once the customers are done typing the third letter on the search bar, this extension offers them a drop-down of suggestions and will allow them to directly go to the relevant product that is shown in the suggestions. Various features of this wonderful extension are customized look, relevant suggestions, search aids, live updates and a lot more. Even if there is a mistake made by the customer while typing the keyword, this extension contains the auto correction feature which will correct the spell errors made by the customers.


This extension is a combination of three different extensions. It uses Sphinx search service to create an accurate and precise search experience for your customer. It finds out the best possible results by just one letter on the search bar. The extension creates a drop down box of the search results along with the names, details and images of the product. If the product is not available based on the searched keywords, the extension will show the suggestions with some relatable products.

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