A Complete SEO Guide To Optimise Your Magento Website

A Complete SEO Guide To Optimise Your Magento Website

Search Engine Optimisation is a process that is practised in order to optimise the visibility of the website on Google Search Engine Result Pages. When talking about SEO optimised website, Magento is a platform which is widely spread over the eCommerce industry.

Magento eCommerce Website

Content is the King, Content Marketing is the Kingdom
Content is the thing where the entire SEO process begins. Google and other search engines look for fresh and valuable content available on your website. Hence, SEO optimised content is the prime requirement for optimising your website and conduct other SEO activities. But, while optimising the content, make sure you don't have copied content else your website will be punished if they detect the copied content.

Search Engine Friendly URL is Necessary
On your eCommerce store, whenever you add a new product, Magento creates its’ default URL which is complicated and has less chances to get identified by the search engines. So, if you want to optimise your Magento website, you need to make the search engine friendly URL which will improve your ranking and will let you gain higher traffic as the navigation becomes easy for the customers.

Though Only 155 Characters, Meta Description Carry Equal Importance
These can also be told the key component of your entire SEO process. It is the only content which lets search engines as well as customers understand the concept of the entire website quickly in just a sentence. A good Meta Description with appropriate Call to Action can make your customers visit your website and would help your site rank higher in the SERPs. Make sure you have added the keywords into the metadata of your website.

Redirect Your Customers to Reduce Bounce Rate
301 Redirections is a process of redirecting or guiding customers and search engines to another URL when they visit a specific URL. 301 redirection is the permanent redirection that is majorly used by the digital marketing agencies to make visitors to visit an alternative page instead of an outdated page. It plays a major role in providing pleasant experience to the visitors.

Using Magento SEO Extensions Can Help A Lot
There are various SEO extensions offered by Magento which can be utilised for good SEO practice. These are the tools that will turn your online business into a gold-churning mine. The Magento SEO extensions can provide you with competitive advantage over other ecommerce websites while ensuring the continuous return on investment.

Microformats and Rich Snippets Will Help You Increase the Visibility
In order to increase the visibility of your website, you can use rich snippets and microformat tags. With the help of Magento extensions, these two can be added to your website. But excessive use of these can again have bad impacts on your website as it will be the violation of Google’s rules and will affect the ranking of your website severely.

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