Australian Magento website owners, now Integrate your products on Amazon!

Australian Magento website owners, now Integrate your products on Amazon!

Amazon has achieved a high rate of conversions with increasing number of vendors on their website. As a third party sellers in Australia, Amazon expects the same support from the Australian market. Amazon is expanding rapidly by adding 15000 products daily to their online store and have managed sell over 2billion items annually.


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What would be the benefit of this integration?

If you integrate your Magento website with Amazon, you are able to sell your products from Amazon itself by boosting your sales with the help of the Amazon’s reputation. It will increase the visibility of your products on the Google search engine as well. It will streamline and automate all your processes hence saving the time and resource.


Magento & Amazon = more eyes and more sales

Integration with Amazon will make you to reach out huge number of potential customers. By providing fair pricing to the customers create a sense of trust among customer and build brand credibility as the reputation of Amazon will make your earn higher credits. Your Magento store will have centralized management of orders and customer data can be managed. You will be able to strong and better customer service to your customers  with ease your inventory synchronisation.


Your product will achieve support from various marketplaces, accounts, store and multiple views.It will let you provide high level of customisation through policy based approach. When your products are visible on Amazon, it will help you manage orders and an opportunity to extra sell of the products. This kind of integration will support listing and management of the inventory and orders on the Australian marketplace. This is a perfect place for the ecommerce owners who want to boost their sales and increase the conversions at the fastest possible speed.


You will be fully automating the customer’s listing management process and allow users to create flexible rules. You will have facility to respond your customer’s feedback automatically and overcome the negative feedback with the help predefined response templates.


Alinga eCommerce offer a seamless synchronization between your Magento store and Amazon marketplace. With the integration, orders placed on Amazon will be automatically downloaded into Magento backend. Any kind of status changed on the Magento backend will be shown on the Amazon marketplace. Moreover, It gets updated in real time!


When we integrate your Magento store with Amazon marketplace, you  have got many rights on the integration which may be:

-> Link your several Amazon accounts with the Magento store.

  • -> Send the products of your Magento store to Amazon marketplace.

  • -> Make some edits regarding information and price of the product for Amazon.

  • -> Export entire product data to Amazon.

  • -> Automatically download Amazon sales orders into the Magento store backend.

  • -> Synchronize the stock with Amazon


We will integrate a variety of inbuilt  specialized  features which may help you in providing better customer service such as:

  • -> Refund/cancel orders

  • -> Creation of the product in the Magento catalogue, if the product isn’t available.

  • -> Track all the information

  • -> Tax settings according to your magento store for an order.

  • -> Creation of a new ASIN

  • -> Native Integration with Magento

  • -> The ability to list SKU's on Amazon using UPC, EAN, ISBN or ASIN.

  • -> ASIN lookup, automatically or manually depending on the requirement.


Get ready to welcome Amazon by integrating your Magento website with the largest online marketplace with Alinga Ecommerce today!

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