Announcement: Alinga eCommerce Partners with YOTPO & Covers All the Benefits to Merchants

Announcement: Alinga eCommerce Partners with YOTPO & Covers All the Benefits to Merchants

Let us guide you, Yotpo is a magento extension that would help to create a better impression of your eCommerce store by adding trustable reviews and user generated pictures to any product your eCommerce store.


As we know, content marketing plays a vital role in conversion rates. And if we create user generated content, it can help you get higher attention from the customers and increase the sales. Reviews and feedback of the products not only increases the traffic on the eCommerce store, but also creates a trust amongst your customers and enhances the working of your website.

Alinga parteners with yotpo

Let us learn something more about the features of this advanced magento extension:


Review Generation:

It generates customized and smartly shown reviews for your product and hence motivates your customer to buy the product by showing up selling products and higher ratings of the product. It considers mobile sites prior to the desktop sites and hence provides mobile-friendly and user-friendly content.


On-site changes:

Along with review, it also provides star rating to your products and it comes with a badge that shows the number of reviews and ratings added to the product. This badge can help you increase the trustworthiness of your website and proves the quality of the product in order to enhance the customer service and gain better traffic. There are chances that this can also increase the conversion rates of your eCommerce store.


Boost Retention:

It increases the value of your customer by engaging and building long-term relationships with the customers. So, selling price decreases, and as a result, sales increases. This feature helps a lot in engaging buyers post the completion of checkout process. At Alinga eCommerce, we believe sales process begins post checkout, once the checkout is completed, customer looks out for the previous reviews and feedbacks given by the customers. This is where the extension works perfectly.


Enhanced Marketing:

Yotpo lets you turn reviews into the strong marketing tool that will show an instant increase in traffic and sales of your eCommerce store. With this reviews, you can turn the satisfaction of your previous customers into new sales. The smart algorithm of this extension shows the right product and reviews to the right people in order to attract quality customers.


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