Tips To Secure Your Magento Ecommerce Store

Tips To Secure Your Magento Ecommerce Store

Owning an Magento eCommerce store? It is obvious that it would be developed with Magento. Magento is one of the most popular platforms used to develop an eCommerce store, known for it’s featured updates. But, along with being a very popular platform, it is also a great target for hackers. Although it comes with in-built security patches, it can be hacked very easily if certain things aren’t taken care of while developing.


As an offline store requires to locked down, online eCommerce store also requires some security in order to prevent robbery on the online stores. Cyber crooks are always looking for some loopholes in the code or any error through which they can hack your Magento eCommerce Website store. Here, in this article, you will find easy to apply tips to secure your Magento eCommerce store:


Magento ecommerce security


Keep Your Website Up-To-Date
Magento Community is working constantly on the security of the Magento platform, hence with every update, it fixes the issues found in the preceding updates. So, make sure you are using the latest update in order to avoid hacking of your eCommerce store. Using the latest version of Magento will keep your eCommerce store out of reach of certain vulnerabilities.


Be Smart with Your Passwords
When keeping passwords, always play smart. Use complex passwords such that cyber criminals can not catch the password. Even if strong password is used, they can hack your website, but with this, their task becomes difficult. When working with third party developers, make sure that you have changed the password before and after working with them. Even though the developers are trustworthy, never take any chance with credentials.


Use Two-Factor Authentications
Two-Factor authentication is something that simply enhances the security of your Magento store. In this world of increasing cybercrime, a strong password may not be enough. In order to avoid attacks, it is necessary that two-factor authentications are used. This can be done with the help of certain extensions available out there.


Make Use of Effective Hosting Plans
Hosting plays a vital role in the performance as well as security of your website. Shared hostings can be the cheapest means to host your website. For startups, it may also be a good option. But using shared hosting means compromising with Magento security. Using a shared hosting may sometime lead you to a great trouble as you are sharing your data with many other websites.

For best possible security, using managed magento hosting platform can be the best option as it ensures strong security along with frequent patches.


Use Secure FTP
Using FTP makes no sense these days as it is one of the most commonly used methods by cyber criminals to hack the website by cracking the FTP credentials password. Instead, make use of SFTP(Secure File Transfer Protocol) as it will use private key file in order to decrypt the user. With the help of this private key, you can avoid hackers by coming on your website.

No matter what the cyber criminals do to hack your website, securing your online store should be the primary focus of the store owner. Wondering whom to concern for more precise tips on securing the store?


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