Important Features Of Magento 2 Described By Web Developers

Important Features Of Magento 2 Described By Web Developers

Magento 2 is the number one eCommerce platform and is used by thousands of online retailers. If you are an online store owner/retailer, then you might be familiar with previous version of Magento 2 that is Magento 1.9.x and also with it’s functions. Although, Magento 2 web developers have taken those functions and features to a whole new level in Magento 2. Developers have created a balanced atmosphere for eCommerce which is very much user-friendly till yet.


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Let’s see some major features which you won’t be finding in the old version of Magento 2.


Layout Element Newest
In the previous version of Magento 2, the structured book was used to served through text. But now in Magento 2, it’s a new abstraction of container wrapper. The container holds the block which render all the children. Arranging blocks is now have become more spontaneous by just shifting the blocks and also defining the section in an easier method.


File Structure Revamped
It’s not minor but a major change in Magento 2 in file structure. Under app structure, everything is being placed. Directories are being assigned to each module from which you can easily access js, templates, layouts, CSS files of particular module. This is an obvious help from Magento 2 web developers as now you can have more chance for advancement for custom by not making any changes in your core site.


CSS Processing
Bootstrap now is not a part of Magento 2. In place of bootstrap, CSS in theme core is used by Magento 2. It find publisher by it’s own and publishes CSS with overview static files which are being filed under pub and directory. The preprocessing of files that are ready to be published by preprocessor is also supported by the publisher. Performance gets enhanced by LESS preprocessor and CSS URL which also speeds up the page load and also make system friendly with a search engine.


Prototypes Replaced by jQuery
In the earlier versions, the prototypes were used as the main library JavaScript as the jQuery was not found stable enough. But with Magento 2, jQuery has now replaced the prototype due to the increased demand of Magento Ecommerce platform. With the updated Magento 2 version, it will support only single JS framework. Magento 2 will support only RequireJS which will create less JS conflict in the Magento 2 when compared to magento 1.


Costs and Efforts of Upgrading Reduced!
With Magento 2, the upgrading and installing of the plugins have become perfect with lightweight Magento 2 extensions compared to Magento 1. Magento 2 itself contains updated information on the policies and compatibility of the upgrades. Magento 2 comes with installer that makes installing of the plugin easier and faster than Magento 1. Installing and updating used to affect your site at the time of Magento 1, but with Magento 2, the Magento 2 web developers are allowed to provide detailed information about the compatible versions of the code which may include dependency on some components, versions and requirement of the system.


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