Migrating Your Data from Virtue Mart to Magento

Migrating Your Data from Virtue Mart to Magento

Data migration can cause sleepless nights and more than a few ulcers.

This isn’t just another data clean-up and migration project. These are your customers! You’re handling their personal information, buying history and product preferences and their credit cards.

They are your business! Discussion sites are full of questions about the differences between Virtue Mart and Magento, with people who have considered building their own tools.

Magento Cart2Cart is the Solution

Cart2Cart offers complete Wizard-driven data migration with features and additional options to meet the needs of the most demanding users.

Check out the features and processes by watching this video. Scroll down the page to the YouTube screen to see how it all works or do the demo migration yourself.

Cart2Cart is fully web-based so there’s no software to download. With over 11,000 successful migrations completed, you can complete your migration with confidence. The basic migration tool will move:

    • •Your full product catalogs including images, descriptions and other variants

    • •Category structures and their images

    • •Customer files with shipping and billing addresses

    • •Order tables with order status and products

    • •Currencies (Dollars, Pounds, Euros and Yuan will stay Dollars, Pounds, Euros and Yuan); All manufacturers, and taxes

You can customise Cart2Cart with Magento Web Design’s additional options. As always, back-up your Target Store data before implementation. The Wizard will over-write it and this is irreversible!

    • •Migrate users from Joomla

    • •Preserve all customer, product and order ID’s on Target Store

    • •Preserve Product images

    • •Transfer images in product descriptions

    • •Strip HTML from category and product names and descriptions (Important for SEO!)

    • Migrate Category and Product SEO

Upgrade from VirtueMart to Magento with Confidence

It’s easier and safer than you imagine. Magento’s Migration Estimator will let you know up front how much the transfer will cost (approximately. Simply press the estimator button on-line and enter the number of products, customers and orders and add your additional features and you’ll know how little it will cost to successfully migrate your eCommerce store to Magento.

You can customise and complete the migration and monitor it from start to finish on your own or have one of our expert technical support specialists do it for you.

You’ve already made the big decision to step up from Virtue Mart to Magento. Cart2Cart will transfer your product and customer information completely, safely and accurately. Data is a pile of numbers – information is knowledge.

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