Know How Customer Feedback Affects UX

Know How Customer Feedback Affects UX

User Experience(UX) is a methodology defining customer’s perception of a particular product or service. The outcomes of User experience vary from each individual depending on their expectations. It is based on how consumers interact with the product or service, which will eventually define their level of satisfaction for them.


The companies whose market runs on the satisfaction level of their users are obliged to conduct a customer review to enhance the user experience. Like Allinga E-commerce that uses Magento Web Design to enhance its user experience through Customer feedback.

Long-Term usage of any product does not define a good user experience, there is a possibility that the customer has more expectations but has no better choice to switch. This is where the customer feedback helps in knowing what the user actually feels about the product or service.

Knowing your customer’s needs

Customer feedback forms are one of the common ways to evaluate how well was the customer’s interaction with the product. The form could ask questions such as:


  • => How did they come to know about the product?


  • => What was the purpose of buying the product? Was the purpose fulfilled?


  • => How likely would you recommend the product to your friend?


These type of questions depending on the company’s requirement reveal the user’s experience following to which improvements can be made.

Defalcation in the product if any

Although a company performs the performance test, there is a possibility that bugs and errors may occur later in the application or product. This might cause a drop in the usage of the product. Thus, feedbacks on the company website or through surveys and chats allows to detect the cause easily, rather than wondering why the downfall occurred.

The collection of feedback is possible in three popular manners:

  • => Passive

  • => Active

  • => Existing channel

  • In a passive manner, the user experience can be identified by session plays i.e by replaying the user’s journey on the website or within the application. This allows extracting the fair response of the customer without actually letting them know that their experience is being monitored.

  • Active manner is creating feedback forms and sending it to concerned users. This can be done either through e-mail or on the website while the user is browsing through the company’s page. Here we can get a detailed response from the consumer as only those people will take time to respond who actually have a major issue with the product.

  • Existing channels offer an informal platform such as live chats and social media where the users interact with the concerned person and share their issues regarding the product. Allinga E-commerce works with its best Magento Web Developers to build a better user experience using live chats and other channels of feedback.

It all sums up to know, what the user faced during an interaction with the product and making it possible for the company to overcome the features that lack in them. Feedbacks in a two-way communication channel where the users feel their issues are given importance on proper addressed by the company.

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