Is Your Store Google Trusted? Know How You Can Become

Is Your Store Google Trusted? Know How You Can Become

“Google trusted store” is a certification given to a business website that certifies the shopping experience of your customers. Upon certification, a Google badge will be displayed on your website. This feature gives the customers a surety about the business of the company allowing them to see trusted reviews of other customers.


Becoming a Google trusted store increases the credibility of the business, as customers rely on that if any e-commerce website is good enough to be approved by Google, it will surely be a trustworthy company.

The steps to become a Google trusted store are enlisted by Alinga E-commerce a Magento Web Design company.

Step 1: Build a Well Functioning E-commerce Store

The first and the foremost step is to build your online business efficiently without any error, slow loading process or illegal domain. Only then you can move forward to look for other necessary details. In order to be eligible for the certification, your store should not be selling restricted products such as drugs, medications, firearms or escort services. With this, you can move forward to next step.

Step 2: Set-up account in Google Merchant Centre

After you have passed the store eligibility you will need to sign-up or create an account in Merchant center. Then after selecting the Merchant Store program, you can further add your store or multiple stores in the account management.  Once the application and details are submitted there opens a 90 days window, where your store will be reviewed by Google.

Step 3: Things to Consider in The 90 Days Assessment Period

In this period of 90 days, it becomes the store's responsibility to prove itself worth for the certification. The store must make sure that their products and services are delivered according to the estimated shipment dates. The billing of the items should be done one day prior to the shipment.

You need to maintain a monthly average of 200 sales and 600 sales for the assessment period of 90 days. This allows Google to make sure that you are a serious seller and that there are enough real sales to assess the authenticity of the reviews.

Step 3: Secure Your Website

In order for Google to trust you, it is necessary to make sure that your pages are encrypted and your website is 100% secure. Keeping your customers' information safe and preventing them from becoming victims of any fraud or phishing is what these E-commerce websites should look after.

Step 4: Meet With The Google Standards

The basic Google standard says that 90% of your orders should be shipped according to the expected shipment dates. The range of shipment should not exceed more than 14 days.

Another standard to be met is to timely respond and act on the customer reviews. It has to acknowledge and solve customer problems if any.

The Magento web developers at Alinga E-commerce will help you integrate with the Google trusted store through Magento services.

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