Omni Channel Strategies: Creating A Better User-Experience

Omni Channel Strategies: Creating A Better User-Experience

In the world of marketing and technology where everything is available on multiple platforms, a multi-channel strategy is what everyone should start to follow. Even the physical stores should start to promote their market online. With the help of Magento web design, one can target online marketing and promote the brand globally.




This method of marketing is known as Omnichannel Strategy where you showcase your market on different platforms like mobile, tablets, laptops and other internet oriented devices with the help of blogs, social media, online website or an app. But the concept of omnichannel is not limited to marketing, it emphasis on seamless integrating marketing. This means that all the platforms the user has a hold on should be linked together to assess their behavioral pattern.

Each way is very different and important on its own that enhances the way a customer interacts with the store. The strategies are as follows:

  • Picking from where left-off


As a business professional it is necessary to understand that their consumers might be accessing their website over different platforms. For example, they might have added the products from one platform and complete the purchase over other platform. Thus a shopping experience integrating the channels and saving purchase record should be created.

  • Rewards Program App


Some stores can create an app where a wallet is created for payment. The balance can be updated any time and used to make payment, this allows them to use reward points that are offered from time to time. The rewards earned can be reflected in the app and automatically utilised whenever next payment is done.

  • Integrating Online and Physical store


Bonobos has adapted a strategy that allows the customer to choose and try clothes in the store itself and then the same dress can be purchased by their customers online. The buyer will get doorstep delivery, this will reduce their inventory cost making them bot and ecommerce and a retail store.

  • Creating a different starting point


How nice it would be if you can start the purchase at one platform and contemplate it at another. Value city Furniture allows its customers to create a shopping cart online and to complete the purchase in-store.


  • In-store online associates


Oasis which is UK based store uses a strategy to provide real time information to its customers by way of giving ipad devices to the associates. This enables them to provide product availability information to the buyers on the spot. If the product is unavailable they can pre-order it through online store and complete the transaction later.

What is the future of Omnichannel strategy?


From the above developments we can see that the concept of omnichannel is driving more and more customers to such stores. And the experience is not limited to the above mentioned features, you can bring in more strategies as and when the consumer’s need change.

With Magento web developers of Alinga ecommerce, any retail store can easily create a website, taking a step closer towards Omni channel marketing.

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