How Will Adobe Magento Acquisition Affect The Future Of Ecommerce?

How Will Adobe Magento Acquisition Affect The Future Of Ecommerce?

The Adobe’s deal of Magento Acquisition for 1.68 billion dollars is the current buzz all over the world. The scenario of the Magento Web Design might totally change and the development of the e-commerce store might see some major changes from Adobe. The Magento platform has served many business owners in developing their best online store. Magento is more than just an e-commerce solution for the people. The Magento Web Developers have always tried their best to build the great stores for their clients so that more and more potential users are attracted to the online store.



  • Impact Magento Had On The eCommerce Market


The cool features of Magento have provided a great help to the developers to build the best user interface for the customers. The partnership with the payment gateways and with a wide range of technology partners has created a great impact of Magento in the digital market. It has also provided content management, order management, business intelligence and many other social solutions. Though Magento was the primary option for all the business vendors to create an online store, it faced many struggles for many years. The competitors of this platform kept increasing day by day and this made the user base to get shared among all the new emerging e-commerce platforms. IBM and Oracle made very much progress in this market and were the strong competitor to the Magento platform.


Shopify and Salesforce had also taken a bit off Magento and so the demand and popularity of this platform kept decreasing. Salesforce and Shopify were mere startups which ascended themselves to small businesses and slowly moved on to the top of the pyramid in the medium business market.


  • Future Impact Of The Acquisition On The eCommerce Market


Now, as Adobe has totally acquired the Magento company, it is predicted that the competition will become much fierce among the platform providers. As Adobe announced news of the big deal, the share market price of the competitors fall down drastically and is yet to increase for some of them. The goal of Adobe might not just be a regular pushover but a sparkling revolution in the e-commerce market against which all the competitors have to be alarmed and have to take important decisions for the upcoming strategies as soon as possible.


A recent report placed Adobe ahead of Oracle and IBM and at that time the marketing cloud suite of Adobe was not complete. Now, the addition of Magento to Adobe and the 8 billion dollar share buyback program will definitely increase the value of the global tech-giant. As a result, the strong cut-throat competition will arise and it will give rise to more and more new innovations, better service and results of the ultimate products that will surely improve the customer experience.


All these platforms are centered around direct e-commerce and marketing of the products. The design and creativity of Adobe are surely the best and the addition of the awesome platform of the e-commerce store will make wonders. An amazing and exciting store will be developed by the Magento Web Developers now with the extra features from Adobe and this will help to attract more new users to your store.


Thus, this was an overview of the Adobe’s acquisition of Magento and how will it shape the future of the Magento Web Design in the e-commerce market.

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