The E-commerce Email Automation Tips for a Novice

The E-commerce Email Automation Tips for a Novice

We all know that the e-commerce sector is more demanding in the market. In this era of e-commerce, the sector has the most amount of revenue generated i.e. around 27% by means of the email marketing. Out of these, some of the email marketing campaigns are successful and some are unsuccessful. The biggest difference between both the successful and unsuccessful campaign comes by using data to drive your automation. 




The Magento eCommerce websites provide customers with data and campaign information taken from several sources. It assists to grow more business by email marketing campaigns and newsletter subscription.


Nurture & Keep Master Email List Updated

First, the very most step is the collection of the email address with additional data. Collection of right data is essential, as it is the base of email automation. Data should be new and different so that sending offers and promotion will be easier. There are several ways for getting the number of email subscribers:


Among all the methods newsletter subscription is the easiest way. It can be initiated by means of different user actions:


  • => Time-Based Pop-Ups

  • => Content-Based Pop-Ups

  • => Scroll Based Pop-Ups

  • => Exit Intent Pop-Ups

  • => Opening Offer Pop-Ups


There are many other ways such as embedded sign up forms on your site as well as on Facebook and a fly out the form will be shown on the website after a set delay period. Combination of embedded, pop-up and fly out the form is a great way so that visitors can easily subscribe for newsletters.


Email Deliverability

It is the important thing for the shop owners for keeping their customers updated. There are four vital actions needs to be considered for improving email deliverability:


  • => Sending engagement list to track user actions with emails for using this information for filtering emails.


  • => Sending campaigns through segment list helps to earn more revenue.


  • => It allows the new user to confirm their email address when the visitor visits the website for the first time. This process of growing list is known as double opt-in.


  • => Email must have at least 500 words to avoid spam emails. Information like company address, contact information, and legal disclaimers should be in bold. Each image should have alternate text.



Campaigning is the best email marketing strategy to reach your subscribers and share information related to promotions, exciting deals, new products and other updates to grow business. ”Batch and Blast” is the phrase used for email automation to send campaigns.


Segmentation is also an important part of the email automation and for targeting more it should be built around behavioral data such as average order value, order frequency, order recency, shopping behavior, demographic data. It is also important to keep track of the opened emails so to increase the number of engaged contacts rather than the number of people who do not want to receive emails.



The Email Marketing Strategy, Autoresponders 101 are intended to improve the subscriber and customer relationship and make it for a long time.


The four AutoResponders that should be considered during email automation:


  1. => Welcome Series

  2. => Abandoned Cart

  3. => Win Back

  4. => Browse Abandonment


The next step from here is to continue to test, iterate, and expand your email automation marketing strategy because only a well-built strategy can put the automation tools to effective use.


Experienced Magento web developers, will be able to build an email campaign that will see your detached customers to come back to your online store.

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