Online Quizzes: A Driving Force For The Growth Of Ecommerce Sales

Online Quizzes: A Driving Force For The Growth Of Ecommerce Sales

With enhanced web solutions and expert minds of the developers, the creation of websites has become simpler than ever. The internet craze has motivated many new business entries as well as existing retail stores to build their existence on an ecommerce site. Thus, in this growing competition, it is important that your site makes an effective impact on the visitor's mind. There are many platforms available that assist in website building and one such platform is Magento ecommerce.


What would you do after launching the site? It might have a lot of website traffic, but if you own an E-commerce store then attaining just traffic won’t help. One strategy that can gear up your E-commerce sales is conducting an online quiz. The quizzes have an immense ability to keep the customers engaged to your website. With a proper set of questions, they might also be interested in browsing a little longer on the site.

More the time spent on the websites, more are the chances that the visitor might turn into an actual customer. Let’s take a deep analysis of how the quizzes can stimulate the growth of your business.


  1. Customization

Understanding the requirements of the customers based on their actions is what attracts them to any particular website. The customers are more inclined towards the site which understands their needs better. For example, if the E-commerce store that can be personalized in such a manner which shows results as per your location and history of product views then the task of the visitors becomes much easy.

Adding this personal touch to the site is tricky, so there comes quiz to the rescue. You can ask questions to the users regarding their preferences, engage them with product information and funny content. The end page of the quiz will direct them to the landing page of your original website depending on their answers in the quiz.

  1. Lead Generation

An engaging content gains customers trust and when the customers start trusting you, they tend to share much more information than before. Conducting a quiz creates personal interaction between the business and the customers.

You can then use this information to keep the user updated about new arrivals and sale on your store. You can also offer discount codes on filling the quiz from which will not only force them to fill the form but will also help in bringing sales to your site.

  1. Mobile-Responsive

There are certain websites which neither have a proper strategy of content management nor the content on the site is effectively optimized for a small platform like mobile. In this case, quiz comes in a handy as it does what the content cannot do i.e keep the customers engaged and grow their interest in your business.

Thus, quizzes are known to naturally attract a number of customers to your site and with the Magento Web Design, all your platforms are integrated. So if you have started your quiz on one platform, let's say mobile phone then you can choose to complete it on another platform that could be a laptop or tablet.

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