Boosting E-commerce Conversion Rate With Exit PopUps

Boosting E-commerce Conversion Rate With Exit PopUps

Today, almost every store has marked its presence online with the help of Brisbane Magento developers. The services of the website developers around the globe have made setting up an online store quite simpler than it used to be. What comes as a challenge is to keep attracting the customers to your website, and more than just attaining traffic the importance lies behind the conversion rate.



Exit PopUps is one such strategy comprising the ability to prevent the customers from leaving your website. An Exit PopUp is what comes in front of the viewer’s when he or she is about to leave the page. It is one of the last resorts to convert your traffic to sales and keep the customer glued to the site.


How can you use the strategy of Exit Intent PopUps to boost your conversion rate and prevent the visitors from abandoning the site too early? Some tips that might work for your site are:


  • Prevent Cart Abandonment

The visitors might have stocked products in their cart, but failed to complete the purchase. A PopUp in this situation acts as a reminder to all those prospective buyers that they need to complete their purchase.


  • Market Your Product


The visitors might be unaware of certain products you offer in your company. It could be either your best selling product or a new product that just came in the market. If the user finds the product to be interesting, he or she will click through the ad on the Exit PopUp and return back to your site.


  • Give Them Special Treatment


The customer is the king and it is important that the king is made feel special and Exit PopUps are a way to do that. When the customer tries to leave your site, the screen on his or her page could reflect a discount offer or coupon code. Subscribing to a newsletter gives the user a feeling of being an integral part of the company.


The right strategy and appropriate content optimization will keep your customers from abandoning the site. However, unnecessary PopUps might affect the user’s experience in a negative manner. Thus, it is very important that your plan what goes on your Exit PopUps according to the needs of the customer.


Do not repeat the PopUps to a single user multiple times, this will affect the conversion rate of your site. Analyse which user has already performed an action and which user is no more interested in what you are displaying. Magento eCommerce Developers will help you adapt the right strategy to implement these Exit PopUps. The developers analyse the needs of your target audience to boost your conversion rate.

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