Youtube Analytics: Know The Impact Of Video Performance On The Users

Youtube Analytics: Know The Impact Of Video Performance On The Users

The success of any business organization whether performing online or offline needs marketing strategy to bring the target audience towards its business. Today, looking at the pace with which technology is moving ahead, the eCommerce Websites in Brisbane have seen a growth in their business ever since visual contents have become part of it. Whether in the form of animation, videos or images which brings us to the most popular and second largest search engine i.e Youtube.



Branding your business with a Youtube business account is a step towards innovation and for those who have already done have experienced the best. The effectiveness of your Youtube channel can be made better by monitoring the performance with the help of Youtube analytics.

Tracking down the insights of the channel will help you implement improvisation. So, first let's talk about which metrics will help you the best in analysing the performance and achieve long-term success with your Youtube channel.

  • Watch Time


For any Youtube channel, views are surely play an important role in determining the popularity of the video. But there is more to just having a number of views, the watch time that each user spends on the video is a better indicator of success. If the viewer leaves your video half way through it might gain you a viewer in the analytics report but such views won’t add anything to the conversion rate.

Thus, watch time and views both are implemented as metrics together along with other factors which will ultimately improve the discoverability and quality of the content.

  • Real Time Report


The real-time reports are intended to give you an analytical report for the views on the Youtube video in from the past 48 hours to 60 minutes. This analytics dashboard helps to discover if your video gained more viewers because it was shared on a different platform like any other social network. It even helps in determining how well the content is created by analysing the rate at which it spreads across the audience.

  • Audience Retention


Monitoring the quality of the views is an important metrics which determines how well has the audience take your content. With Audience retention page metrics you can unleash information about where and why your viewer’s lost attention on the video. It helps in determining what caused them to leave.

Absolute Audience Retention: The graph represents the parts of the video which are most popular in your video. It represents the percentage of views on specific parts and also analyses the behavior of certain viewers.

Relative Retention: As the name suggests this report is intended to compare your video with other videos of similar length. It is an indicator to track whether your video stands below or above the average line.

Overall it is a big factor determining where you might be losing a large number of viewers and use it improve certain parts of the content.

  • Playback Locations


The platform from where people are viewing the content also plays a major role in determining the popularity of the content. It divides the number of views among the Youtube channel page, Youtube Watch page, embedded video etc. It proves to be one of the best ways to determine whether you need to focus on the Youtube channel, or real-time opportunities are more healthy for your videos.

Thus, the way in which we intend to manage a Magento Web design with analytics reports the same should be applied on your Youtube content. With the applied metrics it becomes easy to make positive improvements to the content.

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