Pillars Empowering The Sales Growth Of E-commerce Business

Pillars Empowering The Sales Growth Of E-commerce Business

Today, technology is all we see spreading over the market which has driven the e-commerce stores to potential growth scale. The availability of online stores over different platforms has made them adaptable in the society very easily. The marketing strategies help Magento web developers in grabbing the visitors for your website. But is traffic enough to call yourself a successful e-commerce business? Practically, no your store needs potential sales to keep its image in the market.

The conversion point can be achieved by applying certain strategies and keeping in line with the latest CRO trends. These trends are the turning point which can trigger the growth of sales from the visitors drooling over the site.



The 4 trends brought down as CRO tactics for the year 2018 are:

Real Meaning of Conversion

Conversion is not just landing sales and being able to fetch transaction, instead it is the level of engagement and interest the users share in the website’s products. Immediate results are necessarily not the driving factor for your business growth, they might not prove to be of long-term value.


Some took the conversion strategy as overthrowing basic concepts like product titles, content, layout etc. While some have the idea of defining the website to enhance the customer’s overall experience. Concerning the same concept, the term conversion derives two different yet interdependent meaning, first the engagement level and second actual sales.


Data-Oriented Strategies

The CRO strategies are also meant for solving issues and providing solutions and for this purpose they need a large pool of customer information. The specialists are here to do the job of improving the business results which can be a huge hit if all the necessary data is fetched duly. With the appropriate amount of single customer data, the website owners will be able to focus on their needs.


Conversion Attribution

CRO also drives its focus towards attribution where any user activity leads to potential conversion, immediately or in near future. Last click attribution is when the visit is about to hit the point of sale. The limitation of attribution is that all previous touchpoints indicating potential conversions are not accounted after a period of time.


A/B Testing Method

A/B testing has become an essential part of CRO practices which indicates certain future engagements of the user and their results or repercussions. A hypothesis testing conducted will get a potential solution to improve your site which will ultimately boost the e-commerce sales.


When two different versions of the site will be put together, the attribution method sets bars which indicate which version is better for your site. Making certain changes in your website like titles, headlines, layout and putting it up for comparison will tell you which format has better chances of conversion.


Thus, for better conversion rates of your Magento E-commerce site the above basic rules are a timeless way which will not only give immediate results but will also help in building the pioneer of trust.

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