Refurbishing Old Content For A Cost-Effective SEO Strategy

Refurbishing Old Content For A Cost-Effective SEO Strategy

More than 50% of the marketers believe that creating content is a challenging task. Thus, the creation of a whole new content with extensive research becomes time-consuming and happens to distract the person from other essential elements of the website. Not that content creation is not important but at times certain aspects of the content creation can be slipped under for repurposing. Magento Web developers are not only meant to create a healthy website but also meant for guiding through the process of content creation.


The technique of repurposing will get more people’s hand on the content and by using little modification on the content for different platforms. The recycling process of the content will furnish you with high-quality posts as well as reap SEO benefits.

Words over Visuals

You can spread all the well-written content to different sources in order to spread the popularity of the write-up. Although it might not be possible in the case of e-commerce sites, even here the images can be distributed to different channels in form of advertisement.

Using the high ranked posts

Use the Google analytics to filter all those contents which form part of the first 25 high ranking websites. Go through their content and make sure if there is any kind of information which needs to be updated, being factually outdated. Some key points which can add life to these old contents are:

  • One of the popular content can be expanded and converted into a set of series which builds the viewer’s excitement about the blog.

  • Update the content with new examples and statistical information.

  • Making changes to the CTA button and much more will make your content appear as a fresh piece in front of the audience.

Repurpose To Visual

Although there are few proven ways to repurpose a content there can be no better way than creating a visual content. Infographics are a fun way to attract customer’s engagement to the content. It bulks large text into a small space without losing the purpose of the content.

The Social Media Platform

Using different social media platforms to spread visual or written content is yet another way to repurpose your old content. Segregating the video in different parts and posting them on different intervals will boost your SEO and traffic results.

Turning to an Ebook

If you are blogging website it is much advised that you think of turning your useful information to an Ebook. There is a whole bunch of write-ups in front of you to be used as Ebook filling. Offering an access to free ebook will probably attract many readers. Ultimately with the time you can probably issue subscribers for your ebook and earn money from it.

Lastly to conclude, with the development services of Brisbane Magento different contents of the website adopted a new platform, a new meaning which enhanced the traffic growth of a particular website. Bloggers as well as E-commerce site owners, both have an equal advantage of repurposed content. So, it is advised for every website owner to use the old content at its best before investing time and money over new content creation.

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