ZipPay: The Omnichannel Solution For Shopify Payment Gateway

ZipPay: The Omnichannel Solution For Shopify Payment Gateway

The world of E-commerce is driving crazily with all the technological innovations and in order to make online websites a better place to shop and browse, the Magento web developers have come with various plugins to be integrated that help in making easy the development as well as the browsing experience. Different plugins have different usage like payment gateways which are integrated to ease the check out process.


As the approach of payments is slowly moving towards a cashless system, the need of an efficient payment gateway is rising. ZipPay is an omnichannel checkout process which can be started at one platform and completed on another as per the user’s need.

The partnership of Shopify with ZipPay has brought the online experience to a whole new level. This software allows the users to ‘buy now and pay later’ and this concept has been a huge hit among the small businesses of the Australian Market. Witnessing the impact of policy, many businesses have seen a huge impact on their sales figures in a positive direction.

ZipPay is a plugin platform where the customers are allowed to make the payment of purchase later and that also without incurring any kind of interest and compulsion to use the digital account. The repayment process is totally under the control of the customers and there is no need to pay a down deposit or incur any additional charge other than the product price.

How Does It Affect The Sales Growth?


Delivering new and easy payment options will not only help you get more visitors but it yet another way to address the customer requirements. ZipPay is one of the easiest ways to offer the buyers a flexible approach to delivering payment and budgeting their finances. More the customers will feel needed, more will be the sales conversion. This is the reason why several stores have adapted to multiple payment scheme.

ZipPay reduces a lot of pressure that comes from managing the post dated bill payments as it widely known to automate your payment process and also alarms you when the due date is near. It also offers the customers a credit line of $1,000 and provides the customer more time for money payback, ranging in weeks and months.

Over and above this it also secures the payment for its clients by charging $5 service fees, if there is an outstanding balance at the end of the month. Thus, it proves to highly beneficial for both end parties.

Some key benefits of using ZipPay are:

  • It becomes a convenient approach when you do not need to use a card for payment process.

  • It offers several credit limits which can be used by each individual according to their needs.

  • The sign-up process is quite easy and quick.

And last but not the least to mention, ZipPay stands on the platform of Shopify which is one of the largest grossing platforms for developing E-commerce websites in Brisbane. So it is a great step towards innovation for all the Shopify users.

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