9 Web Design Trends: Time To Restructure Your E-commerce Store

9 Web Design Trends: Time To Restructure Your E-commerce Store

The e-commerce market is getting very much competitive in 2018 and the web design trends are changing every now and then. You have to restructure your store according to the latest trends at any cost to stay in the market. Let us have a look at the 9 web design trends that are very popular in the Brisbane Magento development. They will definitely help you to keep your ecommerce store updated.


  • Video content is a must

Videos are a great form of advertising your products and for conveying their features and advantages to the customers.  You can easily let your customers know about the working and usage of your different products in a simple way through the videos. For each and every product on your e-commerce store, you can make a video for describing them.

  • Microinteractions are very important

The more the users will interact with the online store, the more they will come to know about the different products and more they will engage themselves to try out new things on your store. The online retailers can use the micro interactions for subscribing to the newsletter, for adding a product to the cart or for reviewing a product and can also reward the customers if they do so.

  • Have proper white spacing

Don’t make your product page a mess with too many items displayed on it. Instead, have some white space so that the main content is displayed properly and the customers also find it comfortable to navigate easily.

  • Make full-screen forms

Keep a habit of making full-screen forms on your e-commerce store as they look better and clear in terms of fulfilling the purpose of making them. For example, the full-screen signup forms and newsletter subscription forms will engage more attraction of the users and will look great even on the mobile screens.

  • Make the use of grid layouts

Most of the e-commerce stores are adopting the grid layouts as they utilize the space efficiently and are easy to navigate. The overall store design looks great and also the user interface is designed in a perfect manner.

  • Must include CTA buttons

The CTA buttons let the customers take instant action as soon as possible and not wait for any further decision or any delays. It also helps to boost sales as the customers take quick actions and buy the products very quickly. Add to cart, buy now, subscribe now are some examples of CTA buttons.

  • Hamburger menus will save up space

The hamburger menus offer a very convenient way of hiding the content and revealing it one the user clicks on it. It helps to save a lot of space and the site is made much easy to navigate for the users.

  • Cinemagraphs are useful

The cinemagraphs are a still image with one small section of the image animated. This trend will be very much popular in the upcoming months as it is successful in attracting the attention of the customers and for boosting the sales.

  • Voice search is a cutting-edge technology

The voice search technology is very convenient as we don’t have to type anything for searching. This technology should be incorporated in the search bar of the e-commerce store so that the customers can easily search for their desired products. This trend is a must for your store to remain stable in the competitive environment in 2018.

Thus, these are the 9 web-design trends that are very useful to restructure your store according to the latest trends in development. Follow these trends recommended by the Magento web developers and increase the sales of your store!

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