Integration Of Social Media: Stepping Over The Real Marketing Challenge

Integration Of Social Media: Stepping Over The Real Marketing Challenge

In today’s modern world, everyone knows that social media is a powerful E-commerce marketing tool. Even this is true when it comes to Magento social media marketing. But for the new users, the ways to integrate social media into Magento stores are often confusing. Magento 2 migration has already created a lot of buzz in the market.



Here are some of the benefits of social media marketing which will enhance the growth of the business:-


> Increase Website Traffic By Generating Social Media Leads

For many online users, social media websites are the primary source for information. It means people are much more likely to discover the brand when it’s represented on these websites. Browsing users who interact with the advertisements all turn into potential customers to the website. Users who are just browsing can interact with the advertisements and can turn into potential customers to the website.

> Build Brand Awareness

It is no secret that people are way more inclined to act on recommendations from their friends. Brand loyalty is a big deal. When the Commerce of business owners enters the social media, they can make it easy for customers to engage with and share the products.


> Create Communication Between Customer And Brand

Social media tool is a great way to reach and communicate directly with the audience. There is much to be learned from customer comments, recommendations, and reviews that provide invaluable information into the target audience. When done properly, the business will start turning loyal customers into advocates for the brand. Thus, people will genuinely be excited to listen to the store’s announcements.


> Enable Magento Social Media Marketing

The only way to connect a Magento store to social media networks is through Magento extensions in the current version. Magento extensions are installable add-ons that extend the functions of a Magento website. In the product pages of third-party developers, they are easily found in the Magento Extension Marketplace. Most of the extensions that allow Magento social media integration only came from third-party developers, until recently. However, Magento released a free extension last year for users to connect their Magento websites to Facebook, called Magento Social.

1.  Magento And Facebook

Magento social permits the users to seamlessly connect with Facebook to sell products directly through advertisements which are made by their own in-house team. Everything needed to implement the above-mentioned brand building and audience winning social media tactics is also provided by Magento social.


2. Third Party Extensions

Magento released a Facebook integration extension which is awesome. To connect the Magento store to LinkedIn, Twitter, and the rest, the merchants need to seek out third-party extensions. There are several third-party Facebook extensions different from Magento Social that supply additional social media management abilities.


The extension goes far then the functions of a free Magento Social installation by providing an intuitive that dashboard that’s specifically focused on helping the drive effective product campaigns with time-saving shortcuts and comprehensive tracking of the relevant website analytics.



For every E-commerce websites, their social media marketing needs are unique, as are the effective online channels they should use. The Magento eCommerce Developers have worked hard to make this migration as smooth as possible. Finding the best marketing channels will take some research.

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