Preparing Your Ecommerce Store For The Magento 2 Migration

Preparing Your Ecommerce Store For The Magento 2 Migration

Magento 2 migration is already creating a lot of buzzes among the merchants. They are now receiving more useful insights related to the Magento 2 migration benefits to their businesses. However, this migration process is not a one day process. Based on the old database, it’s a creation of a new store.



The vitality of the migration timing is very essential as day-to-day operations and tasks should not be hampered because of the migration process. The business should not receive a disadvantage. Here are some of the aspects to keep in mind while deciding for the perfect time for migration:-



Before initiating the migration process it is important that the merchants should verify their needs for the future. Along with preparing for the direction for further business development, the answer defines if the migration question is high on the agenda.


If the answer is no then it represents that the retailer has no interest or time constraint for the store migration. There should be no rush for the decision and can even choose to stay with the first platform version for as long as the Magento team keeps on supporting it.


However, migration move should not be put off, if a merchant is considering a fundamental redesign, enhanced functionality, store integration with other software systems or any other big changes in the future. Rather than a simple upgrade, the process implies a rebuild.


It is better for the business to migrate to the Magento 2 instead of improving a Magento 1 store. This way merchants will save a lot of time and money by doing the exact opposite. This is the most effective technique. It is advised that, since the themes and extensions are not compatible with Magento versions, it is not rational to invest in the optimization of a Magento 1 store to avoid further investment.


The process of migration can take up to 4-6 months, even though the length of the whole Magento 2 migration process strongly depends on the desired functionality. As soon as the newly built Magento 2 store has been created and tested, the merchant will need to cease all the activities in the Magento 1 store to migrate the data in bulk.


The store may stop working during a high salesperson if the process of migration is not worked out carefully. This could be disappointing for both, e-commerce business and its customers.

Purpose Of Migration

Reason for migration also determines its timing. The support for the first version will end up in November 2018 according to some retailers. No matter for a current state of their business and plans, they rush the migration only due to security issues.

Availability Of The Latest Version

The extra business benefit of Magento 2 migration is a chance to reconsider the web store functionality. There are some certain features of the migration which will be enabled such as better customer experience and revenue growth, the merchants should look for this before initiating the process.

Final Thoughts

Above guide should be considered before opting for the migration. Understanding the Magento web design functionality will help to survive the process without sacrificing the performance.

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