Pros and Cons Of Magento 2: Learning To Balance The Dual Consequences

Pros and Cons Of Magento 2: Learning To Balance The Dual Consequences

Every bit of eCommerce world is following the same pattern in building a tentative website. Magento web developers have joined the race of building a well-received website. But the question of interest is if all the platforms are doing the same work how is each website different from one another?



The online platforms are becoming advanced day-by-day, providing a more personalized way to build a website. What the website owners can do as part of their job, is to look upon all the pros and cons of the platform. So it helps you in making an informed decision. Run your websites on the wheels of an efficient platform like Magento 2.


But first, let’s hear all about their pros and cons. 


=>Drill for accelerated mobile pages

Mobile-oriented websites are one of the essential features, without which a website’s chances of survival are negligible. Almost all the internet users find data browsing over a mobile phone. AMP shall make the process of website speed smooth.

=>The trend of personalization

Personalizing the experience of the website as per the need of customers is an essential strategy to keep them engaged. With Magento 2, the websites can break their way to custom additions. The platform uses custom templates, widgets to make the store appear different from the usual.

=>Maintaining the trust on the security of payments

After successfully keeping the customer’s engaged to the website, it’s time to convert the visitors to sales. A maximum number of cart abandonments occur at the point of payment. Magento 2 uses some of the best-trusted payment approaches like Paypal, CyberSource, Braintree, etc.


The above 3 pointers are an essential part of the new-age website. Hence, Magento 2 is here to bring the vital experience to the doorstep of your customers.


=>Expense-driven platform

Cost of Magento 2 can make you think twice on using the platform. As on one side, the community version is free for all, the enterprise version can be a tough call on anyone’s budget. Naturally, the paid version will serve you with additional features and support.

=>Leaving behind old themes and extensions

Magento 1 had an impeccable amount of themes and extensions that might have caught your interest. But sadly, you have to leave them behind when migrating to Magento 2. On the hand extensions also become outdated, so you will need to update their versions for being able to use them in Magento 2.

=>A lot of time investment

Magento 2 web developers know how time-consuming building a website can be. The slow process is the result of the platform being made for the non-technical users. Customization and other detailed processes can ask for ample time, on using the version for the very first time.

The final dictation

In the end, the pros of Magento 2 seem to be overriding the cons. With all the added benefits, the drawbacks of the platform are only temporary. The latest version is made to enhance the customer’s experience which is connected with the benefit of the website owners. So, don’t hold on to the older version, it’s time to upgrade yourself with the changing circumstances.

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