Migrating To Magento 2- Considering The Consequences Before Taking The Decision

Migrating To Magento 2- Considering The Consequences Before Taking The Decision

Magento has always been a popular source of website creation. Shortly after its introduction in the market, Magento was being used by big business brands and MNCs. All because of its peculiar features. Now, everyone’s mind is worked up with Magento 2 Migration.


In 2015, Magento 2 landing brought lots of excitement for everyone. The additional features and less usability tension was a boon for website owners. Since Magento 2’s inception seemed at rage, people had already started thinking about migration.


However, migration isn’t as easy as it seems. The new database and design structure make the process harder than usual. However, once migrated the benefits are worth the effort.



But first let us consider what can be all the consequences whether good or bad. The analysis is important before we take the decision to migrate.


The incompatibility of extensions

Keep this in mind: The extensions integrated into Magento 1 shall not work in Magento 2. So if you have any vital function related to those extensions, make sure you have a backup planned.


In order to keep the features of those extension you can adopt a very ingenious method. What is the plan? To make the users of the Magento platform assess the extension.


Apart from this there is also a code migration tool which will help you transfer the extensions.
The only limitation being, you would not be able to drag all the extensions with you. So, evaluate all the pros and cons before making this vital decision.


The Conundrum of Media mobility

On one side it is very easy to transfer all the customer data between the two versions. While on the other end, media mobility can be extremely difficult and time-consuming.


This makes it all the more important for you to move such files manually. Hire Brisbane’s Magento team if you want to save yourself from all these efforts.


Check the compliance with SEO

The whole battle of online business is based on SEO. In this process of migration it also important to check whether you have

lost any vital SEO points.


Do you need to revise the tactics? Also check for all the active internal links, images and metadata. Remember, nothing should be compromised.

Website’s thorough testing

Soon after the migration process, you will need to assess the entire system of the website. Starting from the payment process to the internal codes. Who shall undertake the testing? How will the process commence? How long the process shall continue? All these factors come into the picture while deciding a test for the website.

Community version VS Open-Source

Magento foresees a bright future for itself in the market. Chances are, it may even roll out Magento 3 in the market. This may make the open-source users to again go through the pain of migration. On the other hand, community version owners would be free to make their own choice.


A step toward a wise decision

All these consequences do not make Magento 2 any less beneficial. The features that come with shall take your business to unimaginable heights. The question is how much are you willing to give away in order to reap the benefit?

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