Progressive Web Apps and Magento Commerce Join Hands To Change The Face Of Mobile eCommerce

Progressive Web Apps and Magento Commerce Join Hands To Change The Face Of Mobile eCommerce

The Internet has proved to be one of the best innovations in technology. Anything and everything you wish to know is available at the platform by typing a few words on the keyboard. As the scope of the internet keeps growing, Magento Ecommerce is all set to join hands with Progressive Web Apps.



Mobiles have become the most convenient device to interact as well as access the internet. The reason being, they fit in just about the size of your hands and are easy to carry around.


The roots established by Accelerated Mobile pages was a big win for eCommerce stores aiming to target the audience through smartphones.


But the people of the world are thirsty for an advanced interactive approach. To quench this thirst, Magento has made way for Progressive Web Apps (PWA). it is nothing, but a mobile website made to act exactly the way an application would work.


PWA brings the ultimate benefit of mobile app experience at the cost of less development time, no app store approval, and low cost of development. Here are a few of the test results initiated by big eCommerce sites.


Forbes after a shift to PWA apps saw an increase in conversion rate by 2 times. Whereas, websites like Flipkart, Tinder, and Uber experienced a reduction in the load time.


Some of you might question the need for PWA over Play Store applications. According to a study, users are inclined to downloading apps of specific brands that consume most part of their daily life.


In collaboration with Google, Magento has made a successful leap towards PAWs. The app-like experience keeps the users away from the hassle of installation.


Experience the Unexperienced


PWAs are made to run even on offline mode or with low internet connectivity. This is barely possible with a native app or responsive websites.


These web apps follow the HTTPS protocol to ensure that the users are served with top-notch security controls.


End result? The user’s eCommerce experience ends on the checkout page. The websites created under PWA have made one-step checkout their point of concern. The benefits are fairly seen with the increased conversion rate.


Magento’s talent drives the force of all channel’s intuitive experience via one single code. This ends up saving time and energy in the deployment process.


A Benefit to the Merchants


PWAs act similar to the web pages. Their ultimate objective is to make the web pages visible to the audience just like a normal website. Google accounts them no different in giving ranks while analysing the viability.


Just like a normal web page, the merchants can track the consumer activity on their brand page. Analytic tools come to the rescue in places where customer data is so vital.


Updates are the one thing developer won’t have to spend hours on. The task is quick and easy, just like a cake walk.


The Final Phase

The dominance of Mobile phones has spread around the globe. PWAs bring the most advanced ideology in front the customers.


These web apps are made to adjust and adapt to the features of all the browsers. This is the reason why owners of eCommerce Websites in Brisbane are after PWAs. Ultimately it is all about providing an enhanced customer satisfaction which ultimately increases the chance of conversion.

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