5 Ways Magento Enterprise Edition Can Help Scale Your Business

5 Ways Magento Enterprise Edition Can Help Scale Your Business

Here are 5 ways to help scale your business with the Magento Enterprise Edition:

Global payment gateway support: If you’re serious about going big, then you’ll need an efficient payment gateway support system in your eCommerce store that can accept credit card payments from all over the world. Fortunately, the Magento Secure Payment Bridge for Magento Enterprise Edition offers efficient payment processing across a wide variety of global payment methods, including PayPal, Payone and eWay Direct. 

The Magento Secure Payment Bridge offers many powerful features including:


  • Ability to process full or partial refunds
  • Fraud management features
  • Performance and transaction data reporting

The Magento Secure Payment Bridge is PA-DSS- certified thus making it PCI-compliant (translation: it saves you plenty of time, money and headaches).


  1. Operate store on multiple websites: One of the most powerful benefits of the Magento Enterprise Edition is that it allows you to create and manage online stores on multiple websites from a single content management system, or CMS. This includes being able to track sales, inventory, manage customer accounts and billing tasks from a single admin dashboard.

    Having a centralised control system helps store owners save lots of valuable time when it comes to placing orders and managing sales. As an added benefit, multi-language and multi-currency options help facilitate international orders and client browsing.
  2. Dedicated technical help desk support: The Magento Enterprise Edition provides a dedicated technical help desk support for its users as part of its subscription. This is a great way to help businesses trouble-shoot any technical issues and get your business started as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

    Magento technical support are certified professionals that can assist users on a wide range of IT issues from simple “how to” questions to best strategies on scaling and growing your business.
  3. Faster page loads: Having slow page loading times is one of the top sales killers for any eCommerce store, as the attention span of online shoppers is very short. This is why achieving faster loading times is such a high priority for online retailers and can make a significant impact on your chances of success, especially when going large-scale.

    In addition, slow loading pages can also have an adverse effect on your search engine rankings.

    With Magento full-page caching, your eCommerce pages will have instant loading times, even during high web traffic periods. 
  4. Magento Enterprise Edition also offers many other extensions that will help optimise your website and help deal with your company growth while increasing conversion rates.

    1. Flexible Product Catalogues: Online shoppers enjoy having a wide variety of products to choose from, especially when the site they are visiting offers a great, clutter-free browsing experience.

With the Magento Enterprise Edition’s flexible product catalogues, you can have hundreds of products that can be filtered, compared and reviewed to provide a comprehensive shopping experience to your customers. 


In addition, the flexible product catalogue offers customer personalisation, efficient inventory tracking, downloadable products and much more.


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