5 Ways APIs Can Enhance Brisbane eCommerce Websites

5 Ways APIs Can Enhance Brisbane eCommerce Websites

With the continued increase of customers using their mobile device to shop Brisbane eCommerce websites online, it's more important than ever to make their shopping experience as pleasant and convenient as possible.


As a Brisbane agency specialising in Magento eCommerce, our team at Alinga eCommerce Design have a passion for helping businesses grow by providing their clients with the best online shopping experience possible.

One of the ways eCommerce stores can help provide a better online shopping experience to their customers is through the use of Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs. APIs can help make data and services from your Magento online store readily available to mobile users.


Here are five ways APIs are used in Brisbane eCommerce websites:


  1. Product Info: Through product information APIs, customers can browse and get all the information they need from a global database that is connected to your Magento online store. The API can display information such as brand images, product info and other relevant, useful information from the global database.  
  3. Site Search APIs: When customers search for products in your Brisbane Magento store, they expect accurate and relevant search results. Site Search APIs are a perfect way to provide relevant results and can even provide recommendations of other products that are relevant. This is especially useful for retailers with large and varied product inventories and is a great ways to showcase all your store has to offer. 
  4. Personalisation APIs: Sometimes customers just won’t find what they are looking for in your Magento online store. However, that doesn’t mean you have to lose your customer for future sales opportunities. In fact, by providing them a personalised experience that goes beyond just recommended items and using features that can, for example, organise your web page content according to each visitor’s previous visit, will gradually make them feel more at home and are likely to keep them coming back.  
  6. Shipping APIs: A quality shipping service can do wonders for your eCommerce business and with APIs; you can get efficient shipping from highly-credible companies. Online retailers can use these APIs to automate the whole process, from purchase to shipping, and can even provide a tracking tool to both you and the customer to get an immediate shipping status update.
  7. Price comparison APIs: eCommerce store owners are well aware of the fact that consumers like to do price comparisons between online stores by loading up online shopping carts only to abandon these moments later. With price comparison APIs, online retail owners can monitor their competition’s prices to use it against them by matching their prices and beating them to the sale.
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