How Beacon Technologies Are Being Used To Enhance Ecommerce Businesses

How Beacon Technologies Are Being Used To Enhance Ecommerce Businesses

As a Brisbane agency specialising in Magento ecommerce our team at Alinga eCommerce share a passion to show our clients how these trending technologies can be applied in our popular Brisbane eCommerce websites service.


Read on to find out more on how Beacon technologies can be used to increase sales in your Magento online store.


What is Beacon technology?

Beacons are devices that are used by retail stores and can interact with your Magento online store to enhance the indoor shopping experience for customers and, ultimately, to increase their sales. Specifically, they are little devices located throughout retail stores that can communicate with a shopper’s smartphone via a Bluetooth signal, provided that the customer has the store’s app installed on their mobile device and enabled for notifications.


Beacons can be used to send information from your Brisbane eCommerce website to customers such as ads, coupons and promotional offers. In addition, they can also be used as point-of-sale (POS) systems, allowing the customer to avoid long lines at the store to buy their items. Beacon technology can even be used to request “on-demand” assistance from store clerks right from mobile devices when needed.


Benefits of beacon technology


Here are just some of the most useful benefits that Alinga’s Brisbane eCommerce websites will be able to take advantage of:


  • Hyper location targeting: Beacons are really small and cheap devices with a long battery life, which is great as retail stores can place them throughout stores to send relevant marketing information to customers from their Magneto online store, without having to worry about power drain.
  • Loyalty programs: Beacons work by gathering data from customers and sending them relevant marketing information which helps increase brand loyalty.
  • Creates awareness: Beacons can create awareness of a retail store’s online eCommerce presence therefore giving customer’s more options.


At Alinga eCommerce, our Brisbane Magento eCommerce websites are known for having the most professional appearances and features the most innovative use of technology and design. With our experience and resources we enable cutting edge technology, such as Beacons, to be easily implemented into your Magento online store.


Web Beacons


Beacons can also come in the form of a small transparent graphic on a web page. These are used to monitor the behaviour of website visitors, such as viewing images on a page or on an email, for example. The data gathered can help stores determine how effective the content and marketing campaigns are.


Beacons help retailers improve the shopping experience of their customers by providing them with smoother and quicker transaction times. With Beacon technology, retailers have found a way to link the digital and offline shopping experiences into one and represent a future full of exciting possibilities.


For more information on how Alinga eCommerce can help integrate powerful Beacon technology into your eCommerce business, contact us now for a no-obligation consultation. 

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