5 Ways to promote your Magento online store

5 Ways to promote your Magento online store

As a Brisbane agency specialising in Magento ecommerce our job at Alinga is to help you grow your business with our amazing eCommerce website designs and online marketing strategies.


Promoting your business is essential to success, especially when you’re starting out. With so many choices to advertise your business, it can be overwhelming and confusing. At Alinga we like to keep choices simple, but we go the extra mile to make sure it works when you start and keep at it on a continuous basis.


Here are five of our favourite ways we help clients promote their Brisbane Magento business:


1. Build up a social media presence:

Social media is on fire these days, but don’t be expecting any quick results in the short-term. Instead, keep your focus on working hard on building a solid social media marketing strategy and in the long-term (and it’s not even THAT long-term really) you will see that a well-implemented solid social media strategy can reap huge results for your business. 

  1. Yes, there’s a gazillion social media sites to choose from, but choose two that you like and are popular and forget the rest… for now. 

2. Improve your SEO ranking:

For your Magento online store to be successful, you need to be found easily online. Our team at Alinga eCommerce are experts in online marketing and are certified Magento developers as well. 

  1. Using powerful tools and extensions such as the Magento SEO suite, we ensure that our Brisbane eCommerce websites have the proper search engine optimisation to drive traffic your sit and increase sales. 

3. Connect with your customers via email marketing:

Build new relationships and re-engage with older customers you haven’t heard from in a while. Our comprehensive email marketing service will help you collect email addresses and keep you fresh in your customer’s minds.

  1. Our low-cost email marketing service is permission based and will help increase the number of repeat customers coming back to buy your products. 

4. Magento eBay Store:

eBay is one the world’s largest online retailers and Magento is the most flexible eCommerce platform, on the market. The best part? You can harness the power of both eBay and Magento eCommerce for your Brisbane Magento business.

  1. Use eBay to display your products or show your own products on their platform. It can’t get more win-win than this!

5. Magento omnichannel retailing:

Make these strategies work together, for your business by implementing multiple channel shopping options. Work with our Alinga experts to provide a truly integrated experience that will provide a fulfilling shopping experience to your customers regardless of whether they are on mobile, desktop or at the store itself. 


Starting any online business requires lots of trial and error testing but these strategies are among our favourites to help get you on your feet as soon as possible. For more information about our tam and our products, contact Alinga eCommerce today for a free consultation.  

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