How to Create Compelling Product Descriptions Pages for Your eCommerce Business

How to Create Compelling Product Descriptions Pages for Your eCommerce Business

But beyond being able to design an amazing Magento online store, we also take great pride in being able to provide professional guidance over virtually every other aspect of your online business.

One such aspect that is unfortunately often overlooked by many Brisbane Magento business owners is the product description section. Specifically, writing effective copy that can capture the attention of website visitors and help boost your sales.     


Below are some tips to create effective product descriptions to boost your Brisbane Magento store sales.


Creating Effective Product Descriptions


  1. 1. Keep SEO keywords in mind: Making your website easy to find online for people looking for the products and services you offer are key to driving traffic and boosting sales. Think about the search terms people would type in their search engines when looking for your products and try to incorporate those terms into the product descriptions.
  2. 2. Be as informative as possible: Try to leave as little doubt as possible as to what you products or services can and cannot do. What are the benefits? Who would use it? An informed customer will have no problem pushing that buy button, or they could go for a more appropriate alternative elsewhere on your site.
  3. 3. Include other customer reviews: Customer reviews are essential to include on any product pages. While your product description can be very informative, customer reviews provide many insights as to how those products are being used by other people. Product reviews are seen as endorsements from other customers and the willingness of a company to include good or bad (not nasty though!) reviews builds credibility.
  4. 4. Don’t forget to include the CALL TO ACTION: You’ve provided a great picture image of your product, a detailed and compelling product description that clearly benefits your website visitor, so now what? It’s time to close the sale, of course! The Call to Action must be clearly shown throughout your shop as a “Buy Now” button or something similar. Don’t leave customers guessing where it is they have to go to complete the purchase, show it to them and don’t feel bad about being obnoxious about it.


Providing original and easy to read product descriptions will greatly improve your Magento online store’s ability to sell your products and services. Keeping the keywords targeted and interesting descriptions about why your customers need your products, will go a long way in developing long-term relationships with your clients.

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