Brisbane designer fashion store Fallow gets a Magento make over

Brisbane designer fashion store Fallow gets a Magento make over

Exposing the city of Brisbane to a previously unseen collection of worldly wares, Fallow's reputation as the premier destination for avant-garde and forward thinking fashion in Australia rapidly spread to attract a clientèle ranging from unassuming artists to international celebrities.Now adorned with a carefully curated range of Australian and International designers, Fallow continues to captivate artistically minded persons across Oceania.


Alinga eCommerce provided the Brisbane designer fashion store with a new Magento solution in a responsive layout to be more accessible for both mobile, tablet and desktop visitors. Certain customisations were also implemented to make it more in sync with the Fallow Brand and Fallow experience.




Expanding its reach through its online store, Fallow is able to stimulate an even greater number of creatives within the global fashion community.


Piercing through fashion's extravagance and banality, Fallow's inspiring principles continue to guide its progression:


Fallow is a juxtaposition of black with white, old with new, space with clutter, industrial with hand crafted. Fallow will continue nurturing the local creative communities and providing a location for purveyors of the enigmatic to have other-worldly experiences for many years to come.

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