Quick Tips on Optimising Your Mobile Checkout Page

Quick Tips on Optimising Your Mobile Checkout Page

Although more shoppers are using their mobile devices to shop online more than ever before, the conversion rates on mobile Brisbane Magento websites still aren’t being maximised to their full potential; and that’s like leaving a lot of money on the table!


One of the best and quickest ways to encourage customers to buy your products or services from your Brisbane Magento store is by optimising your mobile checkout page.


Already feeling a little left behind on getting your Magento Online store optimised?


No worries! Just follow these simple tips to help optimise your mobile checkout page and keep your customers wanting to come back for more.


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Benefits of Mobile Website Optimisation


Our team at Alinga eCommerce can help optimise your checkout page for mobile devices in a very short amount of time. Here are a few facts about how important mobile optimisation is:


- Significantly boosts your conversion rates

- Encourages customers to coming back for repeat shopping

- Tablet users prefer to shop on their tablets over any other device


Quick Tips to Achieve a Great Mobile Checkout Page

Make bigger buttons:

When it comes to pressing buttons on a mobile device, even skinny people have fat thumbs that can redirect them to some other unintended page and therefore increasing the risk that they become bored and forget the purchase. Make life easy for your customers by making big friendly “BUY NOW” buttons that are a joy to tap on.

Help the mobile device recognise what keyboard is required:

Our Alinga professional web developers can use our coding skills to have browsers recognise various fields such as email, URL or even numerical. This way, mobile browser will automatically display special characters such as the “@” symbol via a highlighted shortcut.

Go easy on the number of form fields customers have to fill out:

There’s a good chance that your online shopper is walking while trying to complete an order in your Magento online store with their mobile device. Help them avoid walking into a wall because they’re too busy being distracted by the numerous and tedious forms they are being required to painfully tap info into on their mobile device.


These quick tips highlight the fact that optimising your checkout page is really not as difficult or as tedious as people often make them out to be. The fact is that Brisbane eCommerce websites can no longer afford not to have their web pages optimised for mobile, especially on the eCommerce checkout page.


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