The Value of Social Media for eCommerce Sites

The Value of Social Media for eCommerce Sites

Users are spending huge amounts of time using and browsing social media, and this is constantly increasing. So is the number of social media outlets available, however the environment is dominated by a few key options.

The upside of this increased interaction between people and social media is that it presents a unique opportunity to ecommerce sites that hasn’t really existed before the past few years. It provides the opportunity to build significant value in your business through the proper and effective use of these channels.

The main value of social media for ecommerce sites can be summarised as below.

Social Media for eCommerce Sites

Interact with your customers. The benefit of users accessing social media almost 24 hours a day is that it can facilitate some direct interaction with your customers. This can take the form of Facebook comments, Twitter conversations, or pins on Pinterest. The value in this comes from the feeling of “belonging” that is generated by having those direct interactions with your customers.

Drive traffic to your site. Once you’ve built up a few followers on your chosen social media site (which is a difficult choice to make), you can utilise it to drive traffic to your Magento site. You can keep your customers informed of promotions that you are running, new products that might be available, and you can make it easy for them to visit your site by providing a handy link. By having the interaction with your customers as mentioned above, you are more likely to get them to click that link and visit your ecommerce store. This is crucial for ecommerce sites as you need people to visit your site before you can convert them to paying customers.

Free marketing. The best part of social media is that it doesn’t cost anything! You can sign up and get started very easily, and be building value very quickly. But to ensure that you are getting everything you can out of social media you need to invest the time in properly managing them and knowing how best to leverage their power. Some businesses utilise the skills of a professional social media manager to ensure that they are sharing relevant content on a timely basis, that is going to be of interest to your customers and therefore more likely to drive interactions with them.

Build your brand awareness. The point of all of this is to build your brand awareness. This is the cornerstone of the value of your business, and probably the most important pillar in a strong marketing strategy. Not only will people interact with you, but they will also share your posts and tweets, which means you can reach even more potential customers.

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