Top Trends in eCommerce for 2015

Top Trends in eCommerce for 2015

And customers are following. There are countless articles and statistics that show that an increasing number of consumers are going online to make their purchases, opting to do this instead of visiting a bricks and mortar store.

This means that we are in a very exciting time for the ecommerce world, filled with innovation and game changing approaches.

But what are the likely trends for 2015? It can be hard to pinpoint these exactly, but based on what we’re already seeing, these are the trends that we think are going to take off in the remainder of this year.


eCommerce trends for 2015

Responsive design. This is probably the most important thing for ecommerce sites to address this year. Customers are flocking to mobile platforms to not only browse Facebook and check their emails, but also to research and make purchases. As an ecommerce site you have to make sure that your customers are able to access your site easily, otherwise they will simply leave. Some research suggests more than 50% of users will leave a website if it is not responsive. This isn’t just about making it easier to read on a smaller screen, it is about the entire site adjusting so that all the functions work the same as the desktop version. And with more and more devices being released, it is important that it can adapt to a variety of screen sizes and size ratios.

More payment methods. Traditionally ecommerce sites offered credit card as the main way to process payments. Many also offer PayPal as an alternative, as more customers are buying from international stores so as to avoid excessive credit card fees from their financial institutions. However we are starting to see the development of other ways to pay for goods and services. Most notable would be Google Wallet and, potentially, Apple Pay. These provide an easier way to process payments and often avoid fees. Ecommerce merchants are going to have to keep up with these new methods as customers are very quick to adopt new technology.

Video at the forefront. While YouTube has been around for a while now, the use of video as a direct marketing tool is starting to become the go-to option. A significant portion of all internet traffic is accounted for by videos, so it is likely that we’ll start to see a shift towards this as the primary tool for customer engagement.

It’s not just about what you’re selling. It will also be about how you’re selling it, who is selling it, and what that means to your customers. There has been a lot of success in creating content that complements what you’re selling, as it creates user engagement and increases the chance of conversion to a paying customer.

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