Why use Magento eCommerce?

Why use Magento eCommerce?

E-Commerce has emerged as one of the fastest growing industry worldwide having advantages like easy to set up, quick operations, low cost of operations, 24/7 operations etc. E-Commerce makes it an easier choice for the companies.

With more and more startups getting into e-commerce filed along with the existing traditional retailers who want to expand their operations and brand visibility through e-commerce, requirement of experts in the e-commerce domain is increasing. There are lots of web development companies which provide standalone e-commerce solutions. These solutions although are more requirement specific and customizable to the last extent at the same time are a high cost affair. Ecommerce CMS on the other hand is a easy to use solution which is cost effective, easy to setup and easy to manage. There are many ecommerce CMS available in the market but with over 200,000 Customers Worldwide, Magento has emerged as a leading ecommerce CMS Solution.

Started in 2008, Magento ecommerce has become a leading CMS globally. Top companies like Samsung, Adidas, Pepe Jeans, Teez etc. have their ecommerce sites developed on Magento. Magento has excellent features which not only allows the users to trade their products online but also to track,plan and forecast about their business.

Fully featured Magento ecommerce provides the following benefits to the businesses:

• It’s fully featured and highly flexible platform makes it very simple for the businesses to start their operations really quick.

• Magento secured payment feature helps merchant start their operations while adhering to PCI compliance

• It gives flexibility to move an existing website on its platform.

• It has strong and easy to use reporting and analytics tools to help business plan and forecast their operations.

• It is 100% SEO friendly which helps business owner plan and strategies various online marketing strategy to promote and market their website and products.

• It helps the business manage their orders and stocks on the go and plan their operations.

• It provides excellent web design templates to give your users an extraordinary experience of your website

• It has a various easy to use tools to create and customize ecommerce website.

• An Active community of Magento based ecommerce sites owners interact and testify their experience with Magento.

With the above advantages (and of course many more) of using Magento ecommerce, it makes a real business sense for the companies to choose Magento as the platform to host their website.

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