Launching A New Product? How To Make Your Campaign A Success

Launching A New Product? How To Make Your Campaign A Success

Build Excitement

#1 Use Free Advertising

Take full advantage of your social media platforms already in place. There are many apps out there that allow for scheduling your Tweets ahead of time, to cut back on the stress and management of Twitter.


Write blog posts about the upcoming launch and share across Facebook, Google+ and any other social media you are currently using.  When Alinga creates a Brisbane ecommerce website for a client, social media integration is always available. Be sure to contact us if you need help.

#2 Behind The Scenes Footage

The use of Periscope in business has been really taking off lately. Periscope is an app recently purchased by Twitter that allows for users to “go live” with broadcasts from any mobile device, at any time and reaching a global market. It is easy to use and does not require the extensive planning of a traditional broadcast.


Consider using an app such as Periscope to provide “behind the scenes” footage of your store as you get ready to launch your newest product. Short interviews with employees or “sneak peeks” at exactly what you customers will be getting are a fun way to build excitement. 


#3 Guest Posting and Podcasts

If you have already worked with our Brisbane agency specialising in Magento ecommerce to create a Magneto online store, chances are your site well represents your business and when you customers visit your site they see you as an expert. Be the authority in your field and show this to your customer by seeking out guest posting opportunities. Look online for blogs or websites that cater to your target market and contact them about writing an informative article for their readers. This will not take much time but the link back may drive considerable traffic back to your Magneto online store.


Podcasts are another avenue to explore. There are many small indie podcasts on all subjects. Reaching out to a podcast to offer your expert advice gives their listeners the opportunity to find out you exist and offer the opportunity to see for themselves what your store has for them.


#4 Webinars

This last suggestion may sound intimidating, expensive and hard. But it doesn’t have to be any of those things. If your Magneto online store offers clients a service, such as coaching or consulting – a great way to connect with them is by teaching a valuable skill.


Google Hangouts offers a free platform for your webinars or if you prefer there are a number of companies available to host for a small fee. Instead of live video, slide decks may be used in its place with live voice overlay.


Offering your clients value by giving a webinar based around your products or services is a great way to build trust and get them interested in your upcoming launch.


If you are getting ready for a launch of a new product or service let us know how we can be of service.  Contact Alinga e-commerce, we specialise in Brisbane e-commerce websites and we would love to learn more about what your business specialises in. 

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