4 options for adding video to your Magento store in 2016

4 options for adding video to your Magento store in 2016

1. Blogs and Company News

If your Magento store already features a blog or news section, consider starting your venture into video here. Video can be imbedded into your blog posts or be linked as a separate post altogether. Adding video to your blog takes the guess work out of what to record. Simply take an idea for an upcoming blog and instead of writing it out, record the content instead. If you aren’t sure how to add video or even if your blog allows this feature, work with your Gold Coast ecommerce developer on how this can be best achieved.


2. Live Streaming

One reason business owner avoid video is the perceived time commitment in planning and editing a final product. While it’s true that some video requires more planning, for example, a tutorial video, there are plenty of other quick and easy options. Live streaming creates opportunities for spontaneous interaction with your audience and there are a number of platforms available to help you with this.


-  Periscope: Periscope is a live streaming app owned by Twitter. Periscope has quickly become the go-to for live streaming, on-the-spot, video. Business can utilize Periscope directly from their smartphones or tablets. By choosing titles of your videos that reflect your ideal client’s interests, you can gain a larger following. Your own list, or following can also follow you on the app and be alerted when you “go-live”. Videos are available for 24 hours after each broadcast.


  • -  Facebook Live Stream: Facebook has just released live streaming as an option for users. In the status bar, where one usually finds the option to add a picture or link, there is now a button to allow for live streaming. This functionality, while having been around for public figures the past year, is brand-new and should not be ignored! Use your already acquired audience as your beta-test.

3. YouTube

The tried and true video sharing platform is still alive and well. Does your Magento online store have a YouTube channel yet? Videos can be any length, but short and to the point is always a winner. Behind the scenes footage of your store is a great way of marketing ecommerce websites. Tips and tricks on the best way to use your products or tutorials are always a favourite.


4. Email marketing

If you are already marketing your Gold Coast Magento eCommerce site with email marketing to your customers, consider adding video to these emails. Video can be incorporated into opt-ins (ie a 3 part video series providing value) or in place of a planned newsletter.


Consider adding video into your marketing plan in 2016. We here at Alinga have developers specializing in Gold Coast ecommerce and are happy to answer any questions you might have. Contact Alinga for help with your Magento ecommerce site or assistance with marketing.

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