The Internet of Things and Your Magento Online Store

The Internet of Things and Your Magento Online Store

What is the IoT?

An example of how IoT works is a wearable device. The FitBit is an exercise device that fits this description. The Apple watch is another. The user is able to interact with the device to get real time and most importantly, customized information. Digital signage is another example. Some digital signage can now interpret the area of the sign the consumer is focusing on and expand upon that information. They can also predict if the viewer is male or female and their age range and adjust advertising accordingly.


The popularity of IoT says that customers love to be engaged! They crave personal attention and a reminder that there is a human on the other end of the internet who is ready to help them.


How Your Magento Store Can Be More Interactive

You might not create a technology product and that’s ok. There are still plenty of ways you can offer your customers and visitors an interactive experience. Here are a few ideas:


  • Chat Box: Adding a pop-up chat option to engage your customer a short time after they get on your site can increase your sales in a big way. Offering to provide additional information or answer any questions they may have about a service takes the guess work out of purchasing. Check with a Brisbane agency specialising in Magento ecommerce on the best way to set this feature up.


Mobile Apps: Depending on your business, consider investing in a mobile application to engage your clients. Mobile apps aren’t just for games anymore. Home developers are now offering apps to allow customers to see renovations done to their home in real time. Instagram features numerous Mobile app #hashtags linking products in shared photos to a link that will automatically email users a link to a purchasing site if they “like” the photo. The possibilities really are endless. Check out what others in your field might be using Mobile apps for by perusing the app store on your smartphone for inspiration.


Create a Membership or Loyalty Program: Keep your customers coming back for more, with a customized program that rewards them for visiting your Magento online store. There is a wealth of information online on how to create a formal membership site, but a simplified rewards program can do the trick to keep your shop on their mind. Emails and updates can be setup via autoresponder programs and require minimal upkeep on your end.


Update Your Magento Online Store 


If your Magento online store offers services to various groups of customers; men and women, kids and adults etc, consider updating your store to create a custom experience for your customers. Your Brisbane eCommerce websites development team can help you separate the departments of your website to each have an individualized feel and tone. Specific colours, images, and language geared toward each audience on the various areas of your site can give your visitors a sense that you understand them. This creates an immediate level of trust. 


We want to help you engage your customers and offer them the personal interaction they crave. Alinga is a Brisbane agency specialising in Magento ecommerce and we can speak with you about the best ways to enhance your Magento online store. Contact Alinga to speak with a member of our team today.

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