How to use Facebook Groups to market your Magento online store

How to use Facebook Groups to market your Magento online store

Here is an introduction on how to use Facebook Groups to market your goods and services. 

Preparation Work 

Create a spreadsheet or word doc table to help you organize your posts. Headings should include:

  • Group name
  • Target market
  • Group rules
  • Dates and Times

Later, once you have become accustomed you might choose to use post organizing platforms, of which there are many free and paid versions available. 

How to Utilise Groups 

Each group will have their own set of rules. Some allow promotional posts on specific days or with restrictions. Read each set of group rules and be sure to follow them, or risk being banned. The best way to market your services besides the promotion specific threads is by offering advice to fellow business owners or group members. An example of how this might work, would be if your Brisbane ecommerce website sold handmade jewellery, to answer questions related to fashion, big events, arts and crafts, or even questions related to running a handmade business.


This may sound like a waste of time, but what you are doing is building yourself as an authority in your field. People will notice if you comment regularly and be more likely to click on your profile to find out more about you.


Linking your Facebook Profile to your business page


Groups will only allow participation via your personal Facebook page. This doesn’t mean you can’t still let others find out what type of industry you are in. Under your name, in your “About” section on Facebook be sure to link to your Magento online store, and under your “Profession” you should also have your Facebook Business Page linked; if you have one.


Start small


Once you have found 5 groups to begin your campaign, you will begin to craft your strategy for the upcoming week. The 80/20 rule applies when posting in groups. This rule implies that 80% of the time you are sharing content or giving information of value away to help others. The other 20% of the time you are advertising your business and services.


Facebook Groups come in all shapes, sizes, and subjects. Spend some time checking them out and remember anything you posts are 100% free publicity – so take advantage!


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