Snapchat Marketing for Your Magento Website

Snapchat Marketing for Your Magento Website

Below we are going to introduce you to Snapchat, what it is, and a few marketing strategies that you can use to reach more people and connect with your customers.

What is “Snapchat”?


Snapchat is a mobile app developed by a team of students in Stanford University during the year of 2011. The very basic function of Snapchat is sharing photos and videos, but these shared files are deleted after a certain period of time.


Once the file has been viewed by friends or followers of your Snapchat account, the photo or video is deleted forever. The duration of these files can vary. The default duration of a video is ten seconds and deletes immediately after someone views it. Alternatively, Snapchat “stories” can be viewed up to 24 hours after a user opens it.


Snapchat has grown in popularity over the years and has become a great tool for marketing when utilised correctly. Our team can help you develop a Magento online store that can tie into Snapchat marketing strategies.


Utilising Snapchat for Online Marketing


Depending on the niche and target demographic of your business, Snapchat can be a great tool. According to statistics, a large majority of users are below the age of 25, making Snapchat an ideal medium to market through when your target demographic is millennials.


While it’s not impossible to use Snapchat with older demographics, it is usually worth focusing on different marketing initiatives and bringing Snapchat in at a later date. As Snapchat grows in popularity and evolves as an application, the majority demographic of Snapchat users may also evolve to an older audience.


Creative Marketing Campaigns


Brisbane eCommerce websites looking to capitalise on the Snapchat movement, marketing teams and eCommerce website owners need to begin thinking outside of the box. Below are a few great ideas to utilise Snapchat for your next marketing campaign.


  • Announcing Sales - the easiest way to utilise Snapchat is to notify your customers about upcoming and current sales that you are having.
  • Customer Loyalty Rewards - with time-sensitive photos and videos, you can create special loyalty-driven rewards for your customers that encourage participation from your audience and customer base.
  • Sneak Peeks of Future Releases - give your customers something to anticipate with a sneak peek of a future product or service release. This can increase curiosity about the new feature and get them excited to give it a try on release day.
  • Behind the Scenes - with Snapchat’s auto-deleting features, you can provide a quick glimpse of your work and development without making it a permanent image or video of your brand.
  • Increase Followers with a Giveaway - giveaways are very popular in many different niches and audiences. Providing a giveaway to your customers can drive an increase in customer interaction through Snapchat when utilised strategically.


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