5 Ways Rewards Programs Help Your Magento Store

5 Ways Rewards Programs Help Your Magento Store

 Here is a look at just a few of the reasons these rewards programs can have a lasting impact on your eCommerce store: 


  1. Rewards Give Your Brand An Identity

 In todays world, options are everywhere for consumers. Especially in the eCommerce market, thousands of stores offer products to your potential customers, and standing out is your key to finding success in your niche. Providing a rewards program can do exactly that. If your customers feel rewarded by shopping with you, then you’ve given yourself an edge over your competition that can literally change the game. 


  1. Rewards Make Return Customers

  2. Whenever your customers start accumulating points with your rewards program, they will feel inclined to keep shopping with you to continually build their rewards. This not only means that your customers will keep coming back to your store, but also that they will actually spread the word to their friends and family about your products whenever they can, because the loyalty has paid off for them! This can be extremely powerful for your Magento eCommerce store. 

  1. Rewards Make People Spend More

 There have been several studies conducted that have shown that one rewards member is superior to 2 regular customers. The Forrester Research Paper has shown that rewards members spend 13% more on average than a regular non-member, and keep doing so consistently. This means increased sales, without ever increasing your actual traffic to your eCommerce site. Done correctly, this can be a huge source of profitability for you and your store! 

  • There’s a Huge Market For Loyalty

 There are millions of people in the US alone who take advantage of loyalty programs today. Of these, the average amount of programs they participate in is over 8 at a time! This means that there is a huge market for your rewards program, and that many of your customers will be very interested in it if they are fans of what you are selling! 
  1. Existing Rewards Programs Can Have Powerful Results

Your own rewards programs are great, but there may be an even better market in offering other companies programs to your customers on your eCommerce site! Programs like American Airlines AAdvantage boast over 65 million members, so working with a program like this and offering its benefits to your customers is a HUGE way to encourage them to spend with you! 

The Magento eCommerce store owners that are most successful don’t get to where they are from sheer luck; they put in the time and effort to make themselves successful. A key component along this journey is utilizing the power of a rewards program. 

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