How To Get Your First 100 eCommerce Customers

How To Get Your First 100 eCommerce Customers


  1. 1.      Get your family and friends in on round 1


No, nobody ever likes relying and their friends and family for sales. But the cold hard truth is, there is no easier first sale (and more importantly, first review) than someone who already knows you! These first few sales can mean hundreds, if not thousands of sales following shortly behind, if you do things correctly! Don’t just think mom and pop, though. Your friends, their friends, your distant relatives, your pen pals, your co-workers, your Instagram followers, it doesn’t matter; chances are you’ve got hundred of people in your circle that you can ask! People generally love helping people they know get a business going, as it makes them feel like they are part of the entrepreneurial process. Leverage this, and you can begin a trend that continues to escalate into real sales from strangers!
  1. 2.      Work smart on social media


Today’s eCommerce businesses live and die by their social media promotion. Does your product lend itself especially well to photos? Hire a professional photographer and create an Instagram account. Every new follower will be a potential new customer, and with over 300 million users on Instagram, that is about as exciting as it gets. Get connected with Facebook groups that are in your niche; these can be perfect places to spread the word about your amazing product! Just be sure that you are checking for rules about brand “spamming”; you don’t want to be given the boot for advertising where you shouldn’t!
  1. 3.      Give your product away – for nothing


Giving your product away for free can seem like a daunting step when you are first getting started; you might be asking yourself, “Isn’t the point to be making money, not giving it away?”.  But here’s the thing; giving your product away, or even just applying insane discounts that make buyers feel like they can’t pass the deal up doesn’t just create repeat customers, it creates free advertising. These are the raving fans that will talk about you on social media, and that will bring their friends, time and time again. Never underestimate the value of loyalty, especially when you’re just starting out.


The path to your first 100 sales isn’t always a cut and dry one, but if you stick with it, it will happen. Still looking to make you eCommerce dreams a reality? Reach out to the professionals at Alinga today. We are the premier West Coast Magento development firm, catering to your every need. Give us a shout, and we will jumpstart your eCommerce success today!

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