Magento : Buying and Selling Online Is Now Easy With Afterpay & Zippay

Magento : Buying and Selling Online Is Now Easy With Afterpay & Zippay


You can do nothing than to leave the website with a sad heart. But now with the latest payment gateways like Afterpay and Zippay, you can buy your favorite dress online even when your bank balance is running low. Nowadays, many magento ecommerce website have accepted these highly trending payment gateways. With these gateways, you can buy products online with the concept of Shop Now, Pay Later. You can get the products right away for which the payment mode can be made in installments fortnightly.


“Shop Now, Pay Later” are the magical words found on various magento ecommerce websites. These payment gateways are mostly found on the Australian retailer’s website. These are the words which can make the visitor into a customer in no time. When shopping online, people often find great deals and buy things which would go above their budget. At such times, these payment gateways play a major role. When the customer find these kind of easier ways of payment, they are just tempted to checkout and most of them probably pick up their favourite. These gateways are even helpful in store.


How it is useful to you?
For an instance, if you liked a dress for $400, and you only find $100 in your bank balance, with these payment gateways, you are likely to buy the dress, pay $100 now following three fortnight transactions of $100 each. And it’s amazing that you will get your dress at the time of your first transaction itself and you can pay the rest amount late without any interest on it. AfterPay takes your debit card and credit card details and automatically deducts the payment from your transactions. Yey! You don’t even need to keep reminders regarding the installment payments. These will actually help you maintain your spending habits and personal budget. As using the credit card was a hectic part for us when the bill comes with a huge amount of interests.


How it is useful to the merchants?
Not only buying, these payment gateways are helpful to sellers as well. Though sellers need to pay some percent of fees on every transaction, these gateways make them a tremendous profit. The bounce rate of the online store automatically decreases. Also, shopping cart abandonment also tend to reduce when these payment gateways are accepted by the retailer. With this, the retailers don't need to spend more on marketing. It is a method that lets the seller to encourage their concept of buy today!

With this, both the buyer as well as seller are satisfied as the buyer gets the dress which she wants and the seller gets rid of the stock. These gateways are even accepted by known Australian brands like Country Road, Witchery, Mimco, and many other. Both of these are a great replacement to lay-by.


Liked the benefits by these payment gateways? Are you are an Australian retailer and looking to install these gateways for your store?

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